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  • Perform good when manually swith between proxys, but when I open a web page using patterns and priorities, it seems to auto swith among different proxys and does not work at all.
  • Was a great ext before Quantum.
    But now it can't use "PAC" or "System settings", why?
    Look at this ext - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/proxy-switcher-and-manager/ - it can do it! Why don't you look at its src or contact to author, and fix your issue?
    I'm now using proxyswitchyomega (have the same issue as foxyproxy) + "proxy switcher" (works well, but does not support patterns). When no pattern match, omega use "direct", and then pac/system from "proxy switcher' steps in. It works good, but it would be great to do it with one addon.