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  • Great plugin.
    After upgrading to Firefox version 71.0 (on a mac) the plugin stopped working. I removed it and reinstalled it and now it works great again.
  • Где готовые предустановленные рабочие прокси?! Where are the ready pre-installed work proxies?!
    What makes you think there are free, ready, pre-installed work proxies? This is not in the add-on description.
  • Addon stop working after update to firefox 71.0 (64-bit), after selecting my proxy title no changes and keep displaying as disabled.
    I've gotten many complaints about this. FoxyProxy did not change but Firefox did. Can you please unistall and then reinstall FoxyProxy? Hopefully that fixes the problem
  • не работает
  • fsdfdfsdf
  • more useful than switchyomega(chrome), more useful than before. Because foxproxy, i will use firefox all the time.
  • 能用,还不错。
  • Hello, i have been using foxy proxy for a few years now, but in the last week, it has become grey and i'm unable to do anything with it, i tried to reinstall it, i even tried downgrading from firefox 70, and tried older versions of foxyproxy, when i click on the icon of the fox, the menu comes up but i can't select anything from it, and if i go to the options from the addon selection it is completely gray and has a rotating refresh symbol, any help would be great, thanks.
    Hi, please send me an email and I can help there. There isn't space to do it here: support@getfoxyproxy.org
  • The best proxy available on Mozilla Firefox Add-ons.
  • 5star
  • 很好用,就不用再去选项里设置了