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  • Muy buena la extencion!
  • Love this extension for years.
  • Good for showing location of uploaders
  • mdtouha0116@yahoo.com
  • Country is shown, and that's useful, but Geotool keeps returning API error and so there is no map.
  • good AddOn

    But do you really need all these permissions?
    like reading the clipboard? really??...
  • when I remove this addon from address bar, and see it in pageAction panel, it have problem.
    Only Domain Name and IP address is displayed. Country name that is most import is not displayed. So, this addon is useless for me.
  • ask for too much access of personal data. why they need it for? sell them to third party? is just a scam used by the author to build another app using the data he collect with this app avoiding to buy that info he needs.