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  • dont work
  • Installed and immediately found that it will not log in / connect to facebook..
  • Needs improvments. Sometimes works. Sometimes crashes.
  • It's good but not as good as the opera Messenger :)
  • works well but not as well as native Messenger sidebar on Opera
  • Couldn't connect in the app, had to go to the Messenger website.

    Integration is really bad, the actual chat section is really tiny and makes all messages more vertical.
  • https://haonature.com
  • Useless - same as bookmark - no notification about incoming calls or messages.
  • nagyob jó...
  • I think this is a great idea, and a good start. I would use this, but it has a ways to go before it is up to speed on the Android version (I have 2.1.4814.0). You guys are excellent though and I can't stand other browsers, including the "supposedly" great, new Edge.

    I'm nuts about bells and whistles though, so keep up the great work;)

  • é uma extensão excelente, não tive nenhum problema em me conectar ao meu Facebook, adorei a quantidade de função, é o melhor app para desfrutar o chat do Messenger, obg aos desenvolvedores por desenvolverem um app tão bom para uso gratuito, parabéns !
  • Can't Log in
  • It stopped working at all. Says that I need to log in but I can't do that.