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  • Totally treasure this add-on. So helpful when researching to see those clusters of old tabs.

    Definitely still works with FF 41.0. Disable compatibility checking to install it. I'm using it with Tree-Style Tabs.
  • I suspect that the developer has no intention of updating the install.rdf file to indicate that it actually is compatible. You can get around this by installing the add-on at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/checkcompatibility/ first.
  • Will it be compatible for Firefox 10?
  • Really miss this add-on; helped a great deal with organizing what I was using. I see people commenting on other add-ons that they had trouble with 20 tabs...Aging Tabs made it easy to browse 60+! (And...Firefox 4? How about version 9? :D )
  • When will it update to be compatible with ff4.0? I've been used to this addon for months
  • I'd love an update for Firefox 4!!
  • It'll probably never happen since this hasn't been updated since 2008, but I'd love an update for Firefox 4!! Thanks!! Yes, I know I can use the Fading Tabs feature from Colorful Tabs, but I'd like to have a standalone extension. I like to use ChromaTabs Plus instead, and I don't want it conflicting with ColorfulTabs.
  • Not bad, hard to detect without a regular theme. Black themes dont work with it D:
  • 3 stars because it doesent work at all for me. Im using firefox 3.6.8 and the only addon i have that seems to control my tabs is, tabsmix plus. I dont have any other addons that effect my tabs.

    3 stars because the idea seemed great!
  • Sweet! Just what I needed.
  • I use this great extension just to give the selected tab extra distinction, and it works very well for this purpose.
  • extension feature contention -- if only there were a native firefox system for resolving such issues

    Would that the Tab Kit extension developer borrow code from this extension, according to the respective license, it would be a true winning world

    but no

    aging tabs has aged to much and died

    hopefully someone will resurrect it into a tab managing extension [I can no longer tolerate tab mix plus... maybe piro will craft ANOTHER amazing tab manager will color grouping and fade with age that plays well with TooManyTabs)

  • it works nicely with personas but stylish seems to disable its features every time it's enabled.

    but i'm keeping them both nevertheless^^
  • Beauty and brains!

    Should have renamed 'young tabs' for better marketing.
  • broken with Firefox 3.5.5 ... please fix
  • I hope this extension is subsumed by TMT
  • aging tabs doesn't work with the following theme: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/10288 other than that, i really like it. it lets me keep track of which tabs i haven't checked in a while, which is very useful for things like email and facebook, which update automatically and without changing the title of the page.
  • @iamdegenatron: I agree that until then, actual age will be unsuited to evaluate tab actuality. I recommend using another of the three options presented.

    But even with those, I happen to run into situations where all tabs are maximum coloured. I would really appreciate a top bar button to delete all tab colours.

    E: @iamdegenatron - I added a tag to the addon, the CanNotFind-Bug should be fixed now xD

    You should add variable delay aging of tabs. That is, instead of aging each tab statically by a static X seconds, it should in fact age by X seconds the first time, age by Y seconds the next time, and then age by Z seconds the next time it should be aging. Where X < Y < Z

    This would age the tab fastest when it matters most (IE: When you are on the computer and browsing around actively), and least when it matters least (When you leave Firefox running overnight and come back). What happens right now is that I come back the next day and find all my tabs are BLACK (Thats the color I use to age) with no indication as to what is newest or oldest. I suppose I can increase my delay in seconds, but I find that my setting works good for short term browsing, but not long term.

    Either you should do this, or you should include some kind of exception for idle time (where NO browsing is occuring) where aging happens less and less frequently as idle time increases
  • Top Notch. FF 3.5 with Personas skins here. @ N00bs who can't see this work: Go to the addon tab, select Aging Tabs and change setting for Aging by Seconds, lower the numerical value and you'll see. Nice work, it gives somewhat organic feel on my hellish black notebook. Now check my Collections, Dude ;]
  • I like this Addon! Solves a lot of tab hassle for me. A slightly more detailed manual would be cool ('Aging amount per step' - not very clear to me what it does from just looking at the name).

    to Positive Attitude: with regard to Coloring, it may be helpful to use Tab Kit's color labels (as opposed to fully colored tabs: in Tab Kit go Options/Tabs/Tab Coloring section, and pick: 'Color labels by group and tabs if highlighted' from that drop-down menu). Thus you can combine the grace of Aging Tab's "fading" effect and Tab Kit's coloring. In all, Tab Kit still works fine for me: domain grouping/collapsing as usual. Beyond that, I think Tab Kit integration with Aging Tabs would be cumbersome, imho.
  • I just downloaded FF 3.5 and this hasn't done anything..
  • this needs to identify Tab Kit (or visa versa) so grouped tabs can age gracefully
  • This is truly an excellent add-on!! It totally solves one of the biggest problems that I have had with Firefox -- clear identification of the "active" tab.

    When I have 10-15 tabs open, it was never easy to quickly determine which was the "active tab". However, by customizing the options provided by the Aging Tabs add-on, I chose a light green custom color for my active tab. It works perfectly! I highly recommend this add-on.
  • Easier and faster browsing :)