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Wladimir Palant

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Dlaczego Adblock Plus został stworzony?

I have been using Adblock (with my own modifications) since 2003 - the ads on the web are annoying and it is only getting worse, being able to control what gets displayed and what doesn't is essential for me. Adblock development was stalling so at some point I decided to create my own extension and took the name from the already existing Adblock Plus extension (with permission of its creator). Since then I've been trying to give users the best possible tool to empower them on the web. Current Adblock Plus versions allow users to view the requests a website is making and block them selectively. They also allow hiding parts of web pages to get rid of other annoyances. But the most important feature is - nobody needs to care about that if they don't want to, they simply subscribe to a filter list that somebody else maintains and forget about it. The filters will be updated automatically every now and then and make sure that no ads are displayed.

Co nowego będzie w Adblock Plus?

Future plans for Adblock Plus and related extensions are listed on https://adblockplus.org/category/roadmap/.

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Nazwa Wladimir Palant
Strona domowa http://adblockplus.org/
Użytkownik od March 5, 2007
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