Surf sikkert på nettet

The web is a wonderful but wild place. Your personal data can be used without your consent, your activities spied upon, and your passwords stolen. Fortunately, extensions can help fortify your online privacy and security.

Lag og handter sterke passord

Password managers can help you create secure passwords, store your passwords (safely) in one place, and give you easy access to your login credentials wherever you are.

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Blokker irriterande reklame

Today’s web is tangled up with unwanted advertisements that get in your way and slow you down. Ad-blocking extensions can block or filter those ads so you can get back to distraction-free browsing.

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Stopp online-sporfølgjarar frå å følgje etter deg

Online advertisers can track your activity from one website to the next, gathering information about you and your interests. Extensions can help cover your digital trail.

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