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  • thanks a lot
  • Exactly what I needed for adding bookmarks quickly with organizational priority instead of wasting time searching through them.
  • 用了一下,有的缺点,如果我上个收藏的是收藏在“书签工具栏”中的某一收藏文件夹内的话,想再收藏其他的在这个“书签工具栏”内的话,我选择了“书签工具栏”会自动跳到收藏书签的文件夹,得在选择“书签工具栏”文件夹那里选择“书签工具栏”才不会跳
  • Very good addon. Congratulations!
  • Returns a functionality that should really be a part of the main application.
  • Trying desperately to use "Bookmark to folder" via shortcut `Shift + Opt + M`. It opens a menu with a search field saying "Search folders...". Headline: "Quick bookmarking to folder". I enter a folder name, select it with my mouse. Menu disappears. Bookmark is set. But then, when I look into the folder I selected, I don't see the bookmark. Searching the bookmark, I see it in a totally different folder. - What am I missing?!