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Expand mailing list recipients Vereist herstart

Adds a toolbar button to expand address book lists to its recipients - useful to stripe out some of them when sending mail...

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DragToCompose Vereist herstart

Enables dragging a file to Thunderbird for composing a new message without opening composer window first.

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Show Password On Input Vereist herstart

Gives an option to show the master password on input

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ltnPlus Vereist herstart

Version 0.9:
Support printing of tasks for Lightning 0.8/0.9.

Up to version 0.2:
Enhancements to Lightning that are known from Sunbird: Unifinder (for events and todos) and moving MiniMonth to Tabpanel

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I also wondered that FF does not start after upgrade to 53. Safe mode did, obviously silently updating this addon, so the next start worked.

BUT: It did not ask for the password on startup! Did a quick research and found there were no options for this addon (1.6.3). So I had to manually remove the update and do a clean install again. Now it works as before!

UPDATE: Now version 1.6.3 already installs on FF52. I verified with my existing profile by re-installing FF52. It first disabled StartupMaster 1.6.3 (the one for 53 only), updated to the AMO version 1.6.3 (for 52-53) and it worked. Then I did another update to FF53 and it still works.
Thanks htamas!!

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I'm using this for some years now and am glad, I've found it as a replacement for jimmyr's small implementation!

In daily work with Firefox and Thunderbird, there's only a small thing that would make me even happier:

Add a second/alternative default language, which is chosen when the automatically detected language matches the default language.

I could even contribute some code for this, but didn't want to start with it, before asking you for that.
The reason is: most of the time, I translate from English to German, sometimes from other languages. But when it comes to translating German to English, I always need to switch the language manually. It would be very helpful, if the add-on would translate to English, when it detects German as the source language! :-)


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Color Transform

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I needed some minutes to set the options the way, that all foreground images are being processed. Now it seems to work, but I miss an often needed function: Gamma correction.

So I'll still have to save images and open them in another image tool... sad.

#open source (Kadu Diógenes):
All source files start with the MPL2.0 header - so what exactly do you mean with "to open source this add-on"?

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I can confirm what Reiner told on April 14, 2015:

I tried to import from UTF-8 VCF file, but all umlauts got worse. Simple workaround for me: copy all files into a single VCF, convert this to ISO-8859-1 and import from this single file --> worked.

But it's not the right way to simply workaround existing UTF-8 coded files...

Take Screenshots, Screen Grab with Online Upload

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I totally agree with bmate - best replacement for formerly ScreenGrab!

xpDefault Colored Buttons

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thanks for the advise and for all your work!
This one is indeed looking much better than xp3default (on Win7 w/o Aero).

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SecurePassword Generator

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I had the same problem starting with Firefox 5.

The problem arises from the missing "chrome.manifest" - I created one, increased the version to 0.5.5 and set it to be compatible with up to Firefox 5.*:

Original/English version:
German version: (thanks to

THANKS to Jeremy!

Proxy Selector

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Great continuation MultiProxy/SwitchProxy!

But please let me submit 2 corrections/enhancements:

1. There's a typo in the German language file ( - corrected line would be:
error.unknown = Ein unbekannter Fehler ist aufgetreten

2. I used to have brackets in my proxy names since I started using SwitchProxy - there seems to be no good reason to disallow these in names...
I changed line 6 in "editcommon.js" to the following to get them back:
var regex = new RegExp("[{}\\\[\\\]<>,;:/~`'\"*?^$#&\\t\\n\\r\\\\]", "g");

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Multiproxy Switch

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I'd simply quote Azen:
This extension can totally replace switchproxytool (didn't update since 2007/06)

I tried to manually get SwitchProxyTool working with FF3.5, but it didn't seem to work...

Thanks for MultiproxySwitch - and PLEASE try to nominate it for public; it's working perfect!

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Unofficial Google Translate Firefox extension 1.3

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It works for me with Firefox 3.0.8!

There is a big wish list after my first days of use:

- auto-copy to clipboard should be configurable (I commented it out, as it annoys me)

- What about locale-support? Even or better because there are only few words, they should be localized to some languages

- another context menu item to translate the highlighted text, because sometimes links are not clickable without opening them (at least in a new tab)

- is there a way of getting a formatted output?
- at least occurences of "\r\n" should be translated to "", also in the "Input" section

- when "Autodetect" is used, the result seems to be an array of 2 strings, the translation and the detected language - would be great to handle this and display it some more accurate

- for some slower connections, any progress should be displayed - I know, there's no Progressmeter, but any hint that background work is done would be helpful
(I changed it to create the DIV with content "loading..." before sending the request)


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S/MIME Security for Multiple Identities

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I found this on recommendation in a German security newsletter...

This is definitely what TB prevents from being really business-aware in S/MIME manners.

A pitty that it has not been fixed after submitting of the bug - but thanks for this Add-On!

IMHO, there's no reason to keep this in Sandbox, as many users avoid installing security Add-Ons from the Sandbox...

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I have been using this add-on for months without problems - but with a real valuable enhancement!

Looking at the code of 0.2.8 and comparing to 0.2.7, I don't see any reason to keep this in sandbox!
It should be opened to public before the release of Lightning 0.9 to keep the (unnecessary) error messages from end-users!

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Well I think this one rocks; at least for the idea and algoritm!

I just wanted to start developing such extension, but now I found yours - already working.

Unfortunately it does not seem to be written very carefully, for some reasons:

- default (wizard) options dialog present, not being used
- infinite loop mentioned in other comments
- ...

I will have a look at the code later and continue testing - maybe I get in contact with you later on!

But as I said before: the first step is well done!

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