Joe Seanor

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Naam Joe Seanor
Locatie Atlanta
Beroep Investigative and Security Consultant
Gebruiker sinds March 22, 2010
Aantal ontwikkelde add-ons 5 add-ons
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In wat meer detail…

I have spent the past 15 years in Investigations and computer security. During this time one of the biggest things I wanted to do was to be able to develop applications to help keep our children safe when they are using the Internet.

I am a CISSP, and have several other certifications. But my passion now is developing these applications and helping law enforcement and the public in keeping children safe online.

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Mailsleuth Vereist herstart

Mailsleuth is a add-on for Thunderbird that provides you a full email header analysis of any email in your Inbox. This add-on is designed to provide a report on the email headers on any email you choose from your inbox. MAJOR updates for Feb 2013!

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734 gebruikers

Joe's Proxy Tool Vereist herstart

FireFox extension for use with Joe's Proxy Tool, this works with the Surf Anonymously Online system. This will only work if you purchase the Surf Anonymously Online program.

This will not work without the program.

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8 gebruikers

Firefox Pedophile Reporter Vereist herstart

This extension allows users to report websites that are suspected of being a pedophile or predator website.

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20 gebruikers

Thunderbird Pedophile Reporter Vereist herstart

This add-on was created to allow anyone that is contacted by a suspected pedophile or suspected predator. This will gather the header information and send it to our servers to be reviewed by an investigator.

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18 gebruikers

Internet Crime Reporter Vereist herstart

This extension allows anyone to be able to report a website that they suspect of being used for criminal activity, a phishing page, a cyber-bully page, or a website/page that could be used for any criminal activity.

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10 gebruikers

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