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Display Mail User Agent

Thunderbird 3.0 please Waardering 4 van 5 sterren

Thunderbird 3.0 out today and I'd just like to add my request for your nice Display Mail User Agent to work with it, thanks

This is a nice add on if you are interested in what send mail systems are being used generally

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Exception ERROR, any ideas? Waardering 3 van 5 sterren

Thank you for working on a firefox 3 xbel based bookmark sync add on, I can install this on win vista x64, but syncing gives this error:

[Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x804b000a (NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI) [nsINavBookmarksService.runInBatchMode]" nsresult: "0x804b000a (NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://placesync/content/placeSyncEngine.js :: anonymous :: line 296" data: no]

Will try on X86 based xp and vista for comparison soon.

Am successfully using SyncPlaces at the moment, but really miss the favicon sync capability of my old xbel based bookmark sync add ons, keep up the good work :)

Edit: Works in XPpro32 and Vista32, so it seems that my old xbel.xml was to blame, so watch out for that out there. Before you blame this add on try making a fresh xbel.xml in a test folder on your ftp, will try Vista64 again now and report back.

Edit2: So in summary, this works great in all recent windows flavours, WinXP, Vista32&64. All errors I experienced was from my long time used xbel.xml. With some care I made a fresh xbel.xml with the same bookmarks without favicons, then slowly rebuild favicon library, and instead of a 3.5mb xbel.xml I now have a speedier 750k xbel.xml even with favicons! Great work Eugene Malan, sorry for doubting, there's been so many muddled developments of this type of add on, I've gotten jaded :o)

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Favicon Sync possible? Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

I've been using the various xbel based firefox bookmark sync add ons over the years, and putting up with the loonngg time for each sync, but your json and html based version is so fast its amazing, thank you for enabling me to upgrade to firefox 3 finally. I have so many bookmarks that the visual help of seeing each site favicon is really useful, is it possible to reinstate the favicon sync? or is the json/html method unable to do this? Great work, thanks again :)

Edit: I've started getting this error on receiving bookmarks:

[Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsILocalFile.create]" nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://syncplaces/content/syncplaces.js :: saveBookmarks :: line 337" data: no]

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