docked JS-Console

docks the JS-Console to the Bottom of the Browser

feel free to have a look at the source (see below) and suggest enhancements (borstel33 web de , Subject: docked JS-Console)

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Bijgewerkt op November 2, 2009

Extension Manager Extended

Use the Addon Manager to view the id, date installed, compatible application versions, and the folder of an extension or theme. Check http://extended.spanglerco.com for more information and http://firefox.spanglerco.com for more extensions...

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Monitor Whatever: a tiny Firefox extension called whatmon, which can monitor almost anything you wish to monitor. Number of logged on users? Current load average? Health of your LDAP servers? Mail server queues? No problem for...

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Tv program

Rozsirenie zobrazuje televízny program obľúbených staníc vo forme prehľadných výpisov, upozornení a bublinových info.
Lokalizacie: sk, cs, hu, en

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Bijgewerkt op July 12, 2009

MinimizeToTray For FF 3.5

MinimizeToTray For firefox 3.Minimizes Mozilla windows into the system tray.Note:I am going to remove this extension if the original creator make a FF 3 version!

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Bijgewerkt op July 7, 2009

Update Notifier

Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try Add-on Update Checker instead.

Notifies you when updates are available for your extensions and themes.

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Finds directions on Google and Yahoo Maps based on your selected text and one of various home addresses that you can store.

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Open Addons TB

Open Add-ons window with one click

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Baby cats and kittens in the about box...

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Adds a splash screen to most Mozilla and Mozilla Based products. Supports sound, opacity, CSS customization, custom images, and much more. You can add {appVersion}, {buildID} and {userAgent} to the loading text and it will be filled in for you.

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ClassicFox fixes problems with the appearance of the default theme in Windows Classic.

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Bijgewerkt op July 9, 2008

CuteMenus - Crystal SVG

Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try Menu Icons Plus instead.

Adds icons to all menus along with some other features...

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FavLoc allows you to set folders as "favorite locations" to which you can easily download. FavLoc menus will appear on the File menu (for saving pages), the context menu (for saving images and links), and on the download...

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Text Complete

The text complete extension adds shortcuts and auto complete functionality to text fields within web forms, the thunderbird message composer, and various other fields within the firefox browser and thunderbird messagecomposer.

The available ...

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Easy Get Mail Button (NEW)

Makes the 'Get new messages' button context-sensitive. Select an account root folder to get messages for that account, any other folder to get messages for all accounts...

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Bijgewerkt op January 20, 2008


A toolbar button for compacting/purging the currently-viewed...

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Bijgewerkt op November 10, 2007


IranZilla provides the following services in Thunderbird:

* Adds a column in the mail view for displaying Iranian dates for each email.
* Supports both English and Persian Iranian month names.
* Adds a context menu item for copying the Iranian dates...

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Bijgewerkt op October 14, 2007


For ASUS laptop owners, each time a new email is in your inbox, the email led will switch on...

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Bijgewerkt op August 4, 2007

Options Toolbar Button

This is a small devision of Michael Buckley's Toolbar Buttons extension. https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2377/ or http://codefisher.org/toolbar_button/

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Bijgewerkt op July 10, 2007

TB Custom Toolbar

Adds a button to make new toolbars in Thunderbird

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Bijgewerkt op July 8, 2007