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MuteThread Vereist herstart

For a long time, Thunderbird has supported ignoring threads in newsgroups. This is a prototype that explores bringing that functionality to email.

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LDAP - View Groups Members Vereist herstart

Allow the user to view the members of the LDAP directories in the addressbook

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DOM Inspector Vereist herstart

Inspect the DOM of HTML, XUL, and XML pages, including the mail...

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CallingID Link Advisor Vereist herstart

CallingID Link Advisor verifies the links you see in Firefox and Thunderbird are safe before you follow them. When the mouse is placed over any link a risk assessment and the full details of the site owner are displayed, helping you evaluate the...

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SMS Sidebar Vereist herstart

If you work in front of a computer and send a lot of SMS text messages this is for you. Finally you can send SMS from the privacy of your Mozilla application. The focus of this addon is on efficiency, ease of use and easy access to advanced SMS featu...

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Telephone Message Vereist herstart

Quickly and easy way to inform someone of a missed call. This addon allows you to email the person your passing the message onto, collecting their email address from your address book, with a collection of ready made messages.

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Tv program Vereist herstart

Rozsirenie zobrazuje televízny program obľúbených staníc vo forme prehľadných výpisov, upozornení a bublinových info.
Lokalizacie: sk, cs, hu, en

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Email signature for Thunderbird - WiseStamp Vereist herstart

Switch Thunderbird email signatures. Supports Gmail, Yahoo, AOL & Outlook webmails. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter icons & more

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Get An Account Vereist herstart

Get An Account is a Mozilla Messaging addon that will allow you to create a secure, private account at a major email provider.

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pkrss Vereist herstart

pkrss is one rss tools, it embed http://www.pk17s.cn
contact with google rss feed,join in multi lanauage support,if default panel has no feed,your can search some feed by keyword in topbar.

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Message Level Authentication Vereist herstart

Authenticates mail from Message Level Network users, Mail Reputation provided by Sender Score for each message and Anti-Phishing Data from PhishTank. Registration is FREE but not required...

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No Ads!

NO ADS on your favorite Web-sites!
Ваши любимые сайты без рекламы!

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Export All Certificates Vereist herstart

Adds an option to export all root certificates.

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RemindMeBot-Reddit Compatibel met Firefox 57+

All the great features of /u/RemindMeBot in a quick and easy to use extension!

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Redmine連携 Vereist herstart


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Log Helper Vereist herstart

This is a basic utility to manage logging from within the application, for help with debugging.

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A Better S/MIME GUI Vereist herstart

Provides a better S/MIME GUI for Thunderbird.

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Readonly Attachments Vereist herstart

Saves temporary files as read-only when showing attachments.

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Export for Thunderbird & Lightning Launcher Vereist herstart

Export for Thunderbird & Lightning is the worldwide unique printing and exporting solution for Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning for Windows.
Multi lingual user interface: English, German, French and Spanish

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Re: Sort Vereist herstart


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