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Custom Address Sidebar Vereist herstart

Allow you to help address sidebar more useful.

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5.665 gebruikers

AutoUp Vereist herstart

Transform the first letter of a sentence in uppercase

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1.533 gebruikers

Secure Addressing Vereist herstart

This add-on provides features to avoid sending emails to wrong addresses. Key features are a confirmation window of recipient's addresses upon sending, name and affiliation look up at mail composition and main windows, and safe auto completion.

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren (19)
2.703 gebruikers

SmtpSwitch Vereist herstart

SmtpSwitch allows to choose the smtp server when clicking on the 'Send' button.

Waardering 4 van 5 sterren (21)
1.923 gebruikers

Address Close Button Vereist herstart

Adds a Address Close Button to mail compose window.

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren (25)
14.196 gebruikers

Send Later Button Vereist herstart

A simple button to invoke the (already existing) send later functions.

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2.524 gebruikers

Confirm-Address Vereist herstart


Waardering 4 van 5 sterren (32)
59.017 gebruikers

DL for Thunderbird Vereist herstart

Allows to convert large attachments to links automatically without 3rd party providers.

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren (3)
1.718 gebruikers

SMTP Control Vereist herstart

SMTP Control is a Thunderbird Add-ons offering dynamic selection of outbond SMTP server while sending a message.

By default thunderbird offer the ability to define a list of SMTP servers. With one global default server for all email accounts or one ...

Waardering 3 van 5 sterren (30)
1.269 gebruikers

GPO support For Firefox and Thunderbird

Firefox and Thunderbird extension to manage user preferences and user profile CA certificates using GPOs

Waardering 4 van 5 sterren (10)
16.730 gebruikers

SmtpSelect Vereist herstart

A toolbar button providing easy access to choosing the default SMTP server in Thunderbird.

Waardering 4 van 5 sterren (38)
5.925 gebruikers

No application/applefile Vereist herstart

Prevents storing of the MIME Type "application/applefile".

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren (2)
1.016 gebruikers

Return Receipt Toolbar Button Vereist herstart

Voegt een knop Ontvangstbevestiging toe aan de werkbalk in het opstelvenster van een nieuw bericht.

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren (9)
6.203 gebruikers

WebDAV for Filelink Vereist herstart

Adds the possibility to use a WebDAV store for Filelink. With this extension you can link attachments to a WebDAV service, for example as provided by Apache's mod_dav or some public services.

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2.113 gebruikers

Signal Spam Vereist herstart

Cette extension va ajouter dans Mozilla Thunderbird une fonction de signalement qui vous permettra de transmettre d’un seul clic les messages que vous considérez comme spam à Signal Spam, le réseau de confiance pour agir contre le spam.

Waardering 3 van 5 sterren (22)
9.584 gebruikers

Auto Address Cleaner Vereist herstart

Removes comment, display name automatically from addresses before sending mail.

Waardering 4 van 5 sterren (49)
18.646 gebruikers

WordReference Translator Vereist herstart

Open a tab with WordReference's translation for the selected word. Through a floating link, or by pressing "D" key.

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7.151 gebruikers

Greek Translator Vereist herstart

Translates English to Greek and vice versa.

Waardering 4 van 5 sterren (7)
1.215 gebruikers

Simple Locale Switcher Vereist herstart

Een eenvoudiger beheer van de gebruikersinterfacetaal

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren (8)
20.536 gebruikers

confirm-mail Vereist herstart


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3.034 gebruikers