• TT DeepDark

    Smooth dark theme for Thunderbird
    • Beta version available here
    40.793 gebruikers
    3.081 wekelijkse downloads
  • Silvermel

    A Creamy Silvery Experience
    53.806 gebruikers
    2.972 wekelijkse downloads
  • Charamel

    A Creamy Sugary Experience
    19.700 gebruikers
    1.307 wekelijkse downloads
  • MS Office 2003 JB Edition

    MS Office 2003 Theme.
    22.296 gebruikers
    834 wekelijkse downloads
  • Office Black

    A theme based on the Office 2007 Black colours.
    26.777 gebruikers
    507 wekelijkse downloads
  • Walnut2 for Thunderbird

    Walnut2 for Thunderbird, based on icons from Walnut2 is based on Walnut but with better looking wood panels. Fully compatible with from 5.0 upto latest nightly build (currently 27.0a1). Full support for Lightning/calendar.
    15.700 gebruikers
    506 wekelijkse downloads
  • Black Oyster

    A clean theme for Thunderbird with dark icons on a light background.
    1.941 gebruikers
    380 wekelijkse downloads
  • Phoenity Shredder

    A simple and colorful theme for everyone.
    8.910 gebruikers
    248 wekelijkse downloads
  • Classic TB2

    Theme using mostly TB2 icons plus the best of TB1.5, TB3, and later versions.
    4.934 gebruikers
    235 wekelijkse downloads
  • Nautipolis for Thunderbird

    Nautipolis for Thunderbird: High-quality, solid theme based on icons from
    Fully compatible with from 5.0 upto latest nightly build (currently 27.0a1). Full support for Lightning/calendar.
    11.091 gebruikers
    216 wekelijkse downloads
  • NoGlass

    Remove Aero glass in TB and give the option of colored icons
    8.782 gebruikers
    199 wekelijkse downloads
  • Win8

    Windows 8 styles for TB
    2.839 gebruikers
    191 wekelijkse downloads
  • Nuvola TB

    Theme based on the Nuvola icon set by David Vignoni (

    You can find developer versions under
    14.591 gebruikers
    181 wekelijkse downloads
  • Sky Orange TB

    Based on a design by Ansgar

    Theme in various blue colors and orange, with square tabs
    384 gebruikers
    158 wekelijkse downloads
  • Ignore Aero

    Ignore Aero on Windows 7 and Vista, restore the look and feel of Thunderbird 3!
    5.297 gebruikers
    122 wekelijkse downloads
  • PitchDark for TB

    Dark-colored minimalistic theme with emphasis on visibility, usability and maximum screen real estate.
    4.299 gebruikers
    96 wekelijkse downloads