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I can't imagine managing or maintaining my Thunderbird mail filters without this add-on.
quickFilters has not only allowed me to successfully clean up my email but quickly and easily create and add email filters to ensure Thunderbird stays organized.

This is by far one add-on that I cannot live without. If you are looking for a way to manage your message filters or just want to get back control of your Inbox, this add on is a must!

No installation of Thunderbird should be without quickFilters.

Mozilla should consider building this add-on into future releases of Thunderbird to bridge the massive gap in email filter creation and use.

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Very Useful Addon Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

By far one of the most useful addons I've installed to my TB client. I've played around with a few filter addons before finding this one and I'm so glad I eventually reached this.

It makes my life so much easier! Not only with setting the filters up, but the ability to copy/paste filters from one account to another is so handy and something I really felt was missing from the standard version of TB. I use multiple email accounts, and some of those accounts both use things like twitter (personal account and work account), so now I just need to set the filters up for one and copy it to the other account. :)

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thanks for your great review. Keep your eyes posted for version 2.3.1 which has improvements on the way special conditions are copied over: see for some prereleases

Single configuration for all accounts? Waardering 5 van 5 sterren


I have several email accounts but I don't need distinct message filters for them. This is how I did it:

When I need to add/change a rule, I edit "my own version" of msgFilterRules.dat by hand, which is symlinked by all email accounts, effectively making the configuration global to all accounts.

I'd like to ask you if quickFilters is able to make definitions "global" to all email accounts.

[ I rated 5 stars since apparently it does much, much more than what I need. I've never used it, actually. ]

Thanks a lot,
-- Richard

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...not because all filters are stored per account (server). What you really need is a way to migrate . copy them over. In a way the copy / paste functionality of quickFilters does this, but actions like "move to folder" obviously cannot easily be moved over to another account so you would have to correct these particular ones.

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This is almost exactly what I have been wanting in Thunderbird ever since I started using Thunderbird. It even has exactly the built-in filters that I was looking for, but it took a while of reading through the documentation to figure out which filter name goes with which behavior

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thanks for 5*

I see you edited your review :-) if you have suggestions for new filter templates I am very interested in hearing about them at the support site.

quickFilters is a relatively "young" add-on (with only 4500 users) so there is scope for growing it if there is interest; it just takes time and a little back & forth with the users. You can make feature requests at the official site, here:

and/or definitely contact me via the email link on these pages! I do what I can t improve it.The default filter is geared towards filtering "conversation-type" mail, which is usually alwyas between the user and another person, hence it looks for "from" and "To"; this makes even more sense when used with "Copy Sent to Current" and you want to tidy up an inbox which is full of conversations with a contact.

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I'm very happy with all the nice stuff Axel makes. Works nice, and the support is marvelous, thanks Axel!

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Cool tool! Saves tons of time.

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (1.8). 

great; finally somebody noticed! :-) There will be more great things to come, provided more users install it.

Works well and developer is VERY responsive Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

quickFilters is both a great idea and well executed. The developer, Axel, keeps up with Thunderbird versions and really seems to care about his product. I donated because this is the kind of extension that makes me happy I got off of Outlook years ago. Thanks!

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Cukup membantu untuk "mengkelompokan" email sesuai kebutuhan. Memudahkan kita untuk cek atau mencari email yang kita perlukan.
Filter email jadi lebih mudah....

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Outstanding Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

A restart of Thunderbird makes the fault I mentioned before go away. So it works without flaws if a new subfolder is created, then TB is restarted before trying to use QuickFilters to drag message into the new subfolder of a QuickFolder tab.

I know it's made to drag into the folders pane of TB instead of the tabs of QuickFolders, but it works both ways.

Thanks for great add-on.

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