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SolusVM VPS Monitor Vereist herstart

Status Monitor for SolusVM-backed VPS.

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Connectify for Infusionsoft

Connectify.io is absolutely FREE simple to get started. The best part is this extension is the ease of use and remarkable idea of combining SMS with Infusionsoft directly in your browser. Search contacts, create tags, complete forms, and much more.

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SeaMonkey Update Server Cert HotFix Vereist herstart

Adds the current Certificate used by the Official Update Server to SeaMonkey's acceptable list.

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xSidebar Vereist herstart Aanbevolen

Firefox style sidebars for SeaMonkey...

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Flexible Sidebar

Flexible Sidebar allows to change sidebar width by dragging the handles.

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Tategaki Vereist herstart

Tategaki allows vertical writing-mode on mail compose window.

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Share to Google+ Page Vereist herstart

Share to your Google+ Profile or Google+ Page with just click of a button.

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Flashblock Ultimate Alt Zero Vereist herstart

This extention allow to remove focus from embedded flash object by pressing Ctrl+Esc or Ctrl+F12 (see mozilla superbug: 78414) and move focus back by Alt+Esc or Alt+F12
USE THIS INSTEAD: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/focus-regainer/

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Content Scrollbar Vereist herstart

Easily navigate through the long pages. This extension will generate clickable markers for all the headings of a page and places them proportionately on the scrollbar. This extension is a port of Chrome's 'Scrollbar of Contents' to Firefox.

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SM Home Button Vereist herstart

Navigation bar Home Button (resurrected by sailfish)

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Autoplay Toggle NonRestartless Vereist herstart

This extension performs the same function as Autoplay Toggle, but as a legacy overlay extension. This should work in cases where Autoplay Toggle doesn't. SeaMonkey and Pale Moon are supported.

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Scans hyperlinks in composed messages and alerts if one of the hyperlinks is broken.

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Singlish to Sinhalese Vereist herstart

Singlish to Sinhalese Conversion provide by Subasa Language Service

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Переадресация на доступные информационные ресурсы Vereist herstart

Система предназначена для переадресации с алиасов или с устаревших и более недействительных сетевых и локальных адресов информационных ресурсов на действующие, по которым ресурс доступен. Система может производить расширенный поиск ресурсов.

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Super Mario Cross Vereist herstart

The legendary arcade game that has survived the ages and can still be found today in modern arcades. You may have played this game when you were a kid and want to have a bit of fun remembering what it was like.

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ODP Bookmarks Vereist herstart

Download any dmoz category to your browser bookmarks.

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Kukkuniiaat Vereist herstart

A Greenlandic spell checker for Mozilla products.

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XML Digital Signature Tool Vereist herstart

XML Digital Signature Tool is a Firefox add-on for processing Digital Signature in XML documents
(Please read the installation instruction in the "Developer Comments" section before downloading)

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Preferential (New GUID) Vereist herstart

Advanced preferences manager for Mozilla-based...

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pkrss Vereist herstart

pkrss is one rss tools, it embed http://www.pk17s.cn
contact with google rss feed,join in multi lanauage support,if default panel has no feed,your can search some feed by keyword in topbar.

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