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Display mail route Vereist herstart

Displays country icons for the stations (server) the mail has been routed.

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788 gebruikers

Safe for Amoled

Darkens the background of the page

Waardering 4 van 5 sterren (18)
1.951 gebruikers

Controle de Scripts Vereist herstart

Controle de Scripts is an extension that allows you to control what JavaScripts do on your browser.

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2.496 gebruikers

Van/Aan Kolom Vereist herstart

Voeg een “Van/Aan” kolom die de ontvanger geeft aan of u de afzender.

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196 gebruikers

View Source Vereist herstart

Toont alle bronbestanden van een pagina.

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1.119 gebruikers

HostIP.info Geolocation Plugin Vereist herstart

Displays Geolocation information for a website using hostip.info data. Works with all versions of Firefox...

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972 gebruikers

Scroll Menus On Drag Vereist herstart

Scrolls menus when dragging, fixing bugs 194319, 240709, and 349932. Scrolls all autorepeatbuttons and prevents bookmarks menu hiding on all menuseparators.

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13 gebruikers

Personas Plus

Personas (now known as lightweight themes) are free, easy-to-install "skins" for Firefox. Personas Plus extends that built-in functionality to give you even more control and easier access to new, popular, and your own favorite themes.

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280.314 gebruikers

BNR Exchange Rates Vereist herstart

Show the exchange rates from BNR in the statusbar.

Waardering 4 van 5 sterren (4)
175 gebruikers

FAYT Revived Vereist herstart

Regain possesion of your good "Find As You Type" search bar in Firefox and SeaMonkey!

Waardering 4 van 5 sterren (4)
227 gebruikers

SourceEditor Vereist herstart

View and Edit source of HTML element...

Waardering 3 van 5 sterren (20)
1.539 gebruikers

SyncKolab Vereist herstart

SyncKolab can synchronize your calendar, address book and tasks against an IMAP server in Kolab formats version 1 (vCard/iCal) or version 2 (XML) or turn your Thunderbird/Lightning into a native Kolab Client (http://kolab.org).

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6.326 gebruikers

Bitacora Vereist herstart

Shows an icon on the status bar when the mouse cursor is over a link to a page you bookmarked or visited before. Update for fcp's addon

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19 gebruikers

printplus Vereist herstart

PDF export support by Gecko.

Waardering 4 van 5 sterren (5)
615 gebruikers

docked JS-Console Vereist herstart

docks the JS-Console to the Bottom of the Browser

feel free to have a look at the source (see below) and suggest enhancements (borstel33 web de , Subject: docked JS-Console)

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176 gebruikers

Gmail S/MIME Vereist herstart

Send and receive signed and encrypted messages in Gmail.

Waardering 3 van 5 sterren (48)
2.480 gebruikers

easy Xdebug Vereist herstart

A tool make xdebugging with netbeans for php more userfriendly.

Waardering 3 van 5 sterren (38)
5.554 gebruikers

PageTweak - Ad Blocker, Video Downloader, Translator...

The Ultimate Webpage Enhancer! Instantly add many tweaks to any webpage including: Ad block, flash block, video download, remove delays, tooltip translation, link checker, rounded corners, auto pagerize, and more. A must have for all web users.

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4.002 gebruikers

Instagram Video Download

Download videos from Instagram (and as plus, easily save photos).

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10.436 gebruikers

log2stas LiveJournal Add-on Vereist herstart

a) Auto-expand comments threads b) Copy a fragment of text or link to a picture to LJ editor from other pages. c) Simplify use of lj-cut d) Allow quickly switch between anonymous and normal browsing.

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247 gebruikers