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MathJax Native MathML Geen herstart

Force MathJax to select the Native MathML output mode and other options to rely further on native browser features.

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MALA Hindi Spell Checker by MCRPV, (Anurag Seetha)

MALA (Makhanlal) Hindi Shabd Shodhak to check Spelling of Hindi Unicode Text by Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism & Communication, Bhopal, India. Chief Developer - Dr. Anurag Seetha. The program is Released Under the GNU GPL V 3

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Search Engine Quick Switcher Geen herstart

Switch the current search engine on the fly! Press Control + Shift + Down Arrow to switch to the next search engine or Control + Shift + Up Arrow to select the previous one.

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Facebook Chat Download Geen herstart

Create a simple html page containing the whole chat. The page will contain only the chat section. All other page elements will be removed. Once the addons ends loading the chat you can save the clean page from your browser.

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Easy AutoFocus

Adds feature autofocusing for text areas.

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Adds Firefox-style tab closers into SeaMonkey.

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Replace Quotation Marks

Replace quotation marks from " ", ' ' to „ ” , ‚’ in text areas.

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Find In Textarea

Adds find feature to textarea.

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Unpacked extension loader

This addon should be useful for addon developers who prefer to work with unpacked exentsions for test purpose.

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A general-purpose JavaScript console for all Mozilla toolkit applications.

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A general-purpose inspector for all Mozilla toolkit applications.

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Unicode Character Style Replacer

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Zing! Locale Switcher Geen herstart

Want to change from one language to another? Zing! and the locale is switched.

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SQL Cardfile

A simple card file database using SQLite as the backend.

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Shift+LeftClick XUL

This simple addon has only this functionality, nothing else: it opens links in a new active tab with Shift+LeftClick (left mouse button click).
Better use https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/shiftleftclick-opens-links-in-/ for FireFox.

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EDS Calendar Integration

Integrates calendars events with Gnome clock applet

Plugin may hang on Fedora.
As a workaround uninstall evolution-ews.

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Persian transliteration Geen herstart

Helps transliterating Persian texts.

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Shop Companion Geen herstart

Access to full-resolution product images and videos on various shopping sites is easy with this add-on. It adds links to the largest/xxl/best-size version of product images on various shoppings sites.

Open-source code on github.com/ShopCompanion

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MathML Zoom Geen herstart

Allow zooming mathematical formulas

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Pan Geen herstart

Block ads and manage proxy.

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