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Basic AddOns door ehoagland66

Common addons for use by all profiles

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Raju02's Collection door raju02

SeaMonkey Extensions compatible with version 2.2 for any regular user. If you are missing any, then it is not compatible. Of course, this is not exhaustive list, so visit frequently for any inclusion.

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rougefemale's SeaMonkey basics door rougefemale

trouble with cookies, trackers, LSO's and ADS. here are the basics you should have

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SeaMonkeyMe door nushimura


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Opera Inside SeaMonkey door d4rkn1ght

Presto-Opera features in SeaMonkey. Convert the Firefox add-ons in this list with "Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey" http:// wp . me / p448zD-lB

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My Favorite Add-ons door zoka1

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MySeaBase door Posixru

Составлено для сайта и форума Salix OS

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My Favorite Add-ons door Hamed

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Dark Seamonkey 2 Themes door GintasDX

This collection will include my and others made solid dark themes.

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