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Japan Paradise

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Awesome theme! Thanks for the upload ^~^ Nice bijin too btw xD

Wikipedia3D Toolbar

Revolutionary concept--GREAT addon! Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

This is without a doubt the most imaginative and ingenius Wikipedia addon I've ever seen on Firefox OR Chrome! It's great, works as advertised and is very helpful and fun! Thank you very much for the obviously huge amount of work you've put into bringing this addon to the community. You will forever have my gratitude, and come payday (I'm broke as a wet cigarette right now =) I'll be donating ^~^

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YouTube™ Video and Audio Downloader

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Works great in my experience, at least. I have used it on Windows 7, Kubuntu 13.04 and FreeBSD 9.1. It functions nearly flawlessly, and I have had no problems with it; the UI is user-friendly and feature-full while still being robust. Integration with the default YouTube UI is superb, and the intuitive and visible design make it easy to use without even perusing the documentation, which is automatically opened in a separate tab upon installation, for those who want to learn more about it or change the settings. Thank you, developer! I truly appreciate the obviously big amount of time and effort spent perfecting this almost imperative addon for the avid YouTube connoiseur ^~^

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