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Tab Group Bar

Great for workflow, can't wait to see this evolve! Waardering 4 van 5 sterren

This add-on is quite promising and I have high hopes for it. I run my tabs on top in the title bar so it seems kind of awkward having it below on my setup. I think it'd be great if the group tabs were like pinned tabs, at the very beginning of your tab bar before the actual pinned tabs. I use another add-on called AppTabs Plus which lets you adjust the pinned tabs a bit, you can put a separator between those and your regular tabs. I think if this add-on was separated from your regular tabs in that sense, it would be very aesthetically pleasing. With that said, I'd definitely give it five stars if it was more seamless with the interface but overall functionality seems great so far. Nice work!

Dark-Bright Aero

Dark-Bright Aero = FT DeepDark by Steva, not sky. Waardering 1 van 5 sterren

I used to run a website years ago back in the e/n blogging days called (aka. GU.N) and had a guy do this to me, he was known as Rice and all of us started a small ring of anti-rice banners against him. I created countless innovative layouts and designs that even inspired some of my peers, though they didn't rip me off, they worked from my ideas and even made them better in their own way. While I suppose it can be flattering that someone would do this - it's pretty crude. Steva is probably one of the best artists making themes for Mozilla, it seems quite ridiculous that you would do this. I can understand if you like what he's doing because he's doing a fantastic job but seriously, do your own thing man. Especially since you're actually asking for support. That's not cool in the least bit. Get a copy of Photoshop or even GIMP (it's completely free) and learn how to code and you can be making themes just as good once you've had some experience with the tools.

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Cleanest Addon Manager

Theme Compatibility Waardering 4 van 5 sterren

Are there any plans on touching this up a bit? I use the FT themes by steva and as they are among the top mozilla themes, I'm guessing a lot of other people would appreciate this too. Otherwise I'd have to agree with the majority; why the default Addons page is so bulky and unkempt is beyond me but I appreciate the work you've done here.

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