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The new release fixes the compatibility issue with Firefox. Anyone staying on the older versions should now be able to safely upgrade to a working FEBE.

Hex Viewer

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The screenshot looks self explanatory as to how the simple Hex editor should work, assuming the user is already familiar with other Hex editors or viewers.

I like the yellow highlighter, and user friendly navigation options.

The icon to start Hex Viewer is easy to miss. It is in the navigation bar with for instance the bookmarks icons. When customised by dragging in to the MenuButtons main area it has a title but no icon. I did not notice an option to start this from any of the file menu toolbar items.

I find no menu entry or icon for this Hex Viewer add-on in the menubutton's customise palette, the File menu toolbar, the navigation toolbar or the MenuButton's offerings. Also no options in about:addons

About Sync

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I had reason to quickly test this out. It is a lot easier than looking at the raw sync log. I also note it has an anonymise option for report printing which could come in handy if Sync data needs sharing

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User Agent Quick Switch

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It works, I tried it quickly. May have been better if it suggests some UAS to try

Homesite both within UI & this page is apparently wrong it is giving

Lazarus: Form Recovery

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I have used this before, and it is quite handy sometimes.

I have just re-installed it again after losing information and realising Lazarus is something I had cleared out in a cleanup.

Text boxes are something I do not normally back up and usuriously have no need to. But sometimes I type something that types a while to find and then somehow lose the text box.

Minor faults, I could not get the contact form to work, I wished to report a minor bug.

I certainly disagree with any suggestions of it being ransom-ware because it even has a preference to turn off the donate nag screen

Expire history by days

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Not an addon that would normally be needed. If it is needed it does exacly what it says. Tested in Firefox Nightly

Posted in relation to support question

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CHM Reader

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Works Fine in FireFox 3.6.13 on Windows XP sp2

I thought I would mention that as I see a post suggesting there could be a problem with FF v3.6.12

I would add that I assume the Windows help reader is dependent on Internet Explorer, & I would prefer a solution not dependent on IE that in itself is a good reason to use this reader.

An additional feature I would like would be the ability to open a .chm file by right clicking it from within Windows. ( it does not by default do that).