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Looks Familiar

Looks familiar if you used Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP. Firefox 2 only.

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Video DownloadHelper

Need HD for YouTube fixed Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Very good extension, I've used it for years. Unfortunately Google has blocked download of their HD (1080p) videos on YouTube. Please fix download of 1080p videos from YouTube. Also the "720p" videos this downloads from YouTube aren't really 720p anymore, they have black around all 4 edges and have poor quality now. Obviously someone at Google hates this addon. Thanks and I look forward to this bug being fixed!

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (4.9.21).  Deze gebruiker heeft een eerdere beoordeling van deze add-on.

Video DownloadHelper

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

This is a great addon I have used for years. However, the past few days YouTube has blocked anyone using this DownloadHelper addon from being able to comment or rate or favorite videos or add videos to playlists or do much of anything else. DownloadHelper needs a new version, fast, to fix its incompatibility with YouTube that started a few days ago when YouTube changed its layout and coding. Maybe DownloadHelper could stop trying to insert download links into YouTube pages, and leave the pages unchanged, just let people download the video by clicking the DownloadHelper icon in the Firefox toolbar without altering the code on the webpage, that would fix the compatibility problems and allow YouTube to work again and we'd still be able to download videos. Anyway, I hope the developer of this addon fixes it very very soon, it is hard to keep an addon like this compatible with a moving target like YouTube when the people at YouTube don't WANT addons like this to be compatible with their site. But I am sure it can be done. Currently the DownloadHelper version is 4.9.14. Hopefully the next version will fix everything and perhaps be more versatile in dealing with changes on YouTube's end.

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (4.9.14). 


Mark it as compatible, Mozilla! Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Linkification is 100% compatible with the latest Firefox, but it isn't marked as compatible here, so I have to use the Add-on Compatibility Reporter extension to make it work. Please, Mozilla, mark this as compatible with everything up through Firefox 9.0. Also, could someone please upload the latest Linkification version 1.3.9? This version is out of date. The latest version is here: I am using version 1.3.9 with the Add-on Compatibility Reporter on Firefox 8.0 and it works great, and I don't see why Mozilla hasn't marked this as compatible; I reported it to them as compatible using the Add-on Compatibility Reporter.

User Agent Switcher

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Great extension, but it should come with a more complete list of user-agents built in (along with all the other variables) so that by default there is a longer list of web browsers and bots and mobile devices you can have Firefox impersonate, and also having different versions of each browser (including Firefox). Everything else about this extension is perfect, the only flaw is the rather short default list of user-agents. And it works perfectly in Firefox 8.0.


Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

ghumdinger - There is another extension that lets you set fonts for individual sites, called Stylish: Actually it lets you use CSS to do all sorts of modifications to websites, not just changing fonts, but anything CSS can change. So you don't need to request that feature for this extension, since another extension already does that.

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (2.1.2). 

Personal Menu (Personal Firefox Button)

Incompatible with gui:config extension v1.1.4 Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Great extension, just want to warn people that this extension is incompatible with the gui:config extension version 1.1.4 and earlier, and if both that extension and this one are installed, the Firefox button won't show a menu at all. There is a development release of gui:config, version 1.1.5b1, that fixes the incompatibility so the Firefox button works again: That way you can keep using this extension and the other one too; I had Personal Menu disabled but now it's back enabled again.

Deze beoordeling betreft een eerdere versie van de add-on (5.0.5). 

Firefox 3 Default for Vista

Finally in Color! Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

This theme looks a lot like Firefox 3 on Windows XP, which has all the icons in color. In Windows Vista, the default Firefox theme is all blue for me: blue background, blue icons, all the same color, which is ridiculous. This theme fixes all that rubbish and makes things look like normal again, with different colors like in XP. It doesn't actually look too much like Firefox 2 like the description says, but that's fine with me, because this theme is just what I want on Vista to make it look just like Firefox 3 for XP.