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LastPass Password Manager

Great for travel/Portable users Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

If you only use one Firefox profile at home, LastPass is still pretty cool on its own merits, but once you start using other Firefox profiles or other browsers, it gets really cool. I use Portable Firefox at work, but when the office switched from IE to Chrome, I immediately installed LastPass and showed everyone how to use it. It's great for making any browser your own (if only temporarily, and be sure to sign out when you're done).

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Essential for forums. Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

If you use forums, particularly ones without an inline BBCode editor, this is essential, and, as a bonus, it's not something you can get in Google Chrome -- that is, this extension offers Firefox features that are beyond Chrome's ability to provide via extensions. Also, even if your forum of choice has an inline editor, maybe it just has bold and italic, link and picture; they seldom support spoiler tags and strike-out. You can add those manually. Also good for Reddit formatting (if you have RES, you can't post links, because the RES developer hasn't figured out how to add that feature, although it's very easy to add here).

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Adblock Plus

Essential for web browsing. Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

If you install this, web browsing gets a lot better as ads are simply removed; you never see them. It used to "only" block about 99% of ads, but now it's very nearly if not exactly at 100%.

Note that some sites rely on ads to pay the bills. If the site doesn't have a huge corporate backer (GameFAQs is owned by CBS; Reddit by Conde Nast, for example), consider white listing that site if their ads aren't a real bother. And it's great that we have the choice, to opt in or stay opted out of ads.

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Textarea Cache

Great for forums/typing anything Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

This is a great extension to use if you do any typing. Facebook/Reddit or any other social network, or any forums. Despite your settings, pages can/will load pages in the current tab, which will erase everything you've typed. Or the page will reload and the same thing happens. This extension caches your text and you will be glad you have it the very first time this happens (or wish you'd installed it the next time you lose text). Top extension.

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Xmarks Sync

Good idea, but randomly rearranges/deletes bookmarks Waardering 1 van 5 sterren

Xmarks is a good idea, and comes highly recommended from all sides of the Internet, but it's a really terrible extension, or it has been allowed to fall into serious disrepair. Every time I start Firefox, I can expect my bookmarks to be shuffled around. It will definitely sync new ones, but it doesn't like my organization, which is very specific. Also, it converts folders into separators. Also, it has this page rating thing in the status bar that cannot be disabled. I was willing to put up with that, but the rearranging and deleting of bookmarks is simply unacceptable.

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