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Thank you, mate; as it seems it's been fixed. I'm afraid, though, the conflict there's Google vs Microsot is gonna causes troubles. Let's hope.

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It needs some adjustments, mate, now that -as usual- Google made some changes. Is there any nightly build or something?

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Opera's Windows 8 native UI is the best UI I've ever seen... After many years it made me set Opera as default again! Zero ugly curved, incosistent corners and simple as hell...

I had hopes for Fx when I saw this theme, but something is off. It seems messy... as all Fx themes, unfortunately. Many curved corners and unnecessarily you removed the windows' native highlighting on bookmarks bar etc. The reason I gave 4 starts. Thank you, anyway!

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IE View

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You should add in the main description that this addon invades and steals user's privacy info. Especially since it's enabled by default.

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always ".com" - Google.com (in English)

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As it seems Mozilla has "tweaked" the search results... I could always find this Search Engine with specific keywords, but I can't anymore. I found it via... Google. Well done, Mozilla.

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Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon

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Hello from here, too! I'm the guy who sent you email and asked compatibility with Ad Block Edge! Truly thank you for your fast response and act!

As for the guy below, just ignore him. I'm pretty sure he doesn't know how this add-on works. It does the job more than perfectly. Solid add-on. If you don't know much, just set "allow all" and block manually the pages you want, as I do ( although I doubt you know how to do it correctly ). Currently I've 7 sites I visit which appear these nasty popups. Even more simple, get the right lists on your Ad Block Edge/Plus and set it to "Handle Popups using Ad Block Edge".

First and foremost, stop rating 1 star when you clearly don't know what is going on. It's unfair for the developer and his efforts. If it truly doesn't work, then rate accordingly. When you see everyone rating 5 stars and you're the only one with 1 star... If I was in your shoes, I'd be wondering, "what's wrong with me?"

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Adblock Edge

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Pal... Don't be unfair. This is not the "Dark Side of Open Source". This is exactly the opposite, the Bright Side of Open Source. The dark side is when someone forks, just replaces the name of the addon and puts his name as main developer while he asks for personal donations... This guy here did nothing like that. He left Wladimir's name, he left the donation links that lead to Wladimir's site etc. In my opinion, the original ABP has been "sold out..." You know what I mean. It's the end and from now on, only bloat and not welcomed changes will be coming. That's when the bright side of open source is taking place -to freeze the clean code and make the necessary small tweaks. The power of choice -Open Source.

Also, I still cannot understand something... You install a specific addon to do a specific job ( blocking ads in this case ), but the default settings just make sure that ads will be shown! It's just insane in my humble opinion. You think this change the guy did is small and unnecessary... but you're totally wrong. The vast majority always keep the default settings. So, this change is more than huge. The addon got 170k downloads in a few days. Do you think so many people cannot judge by themselves? If this was something unethical, people can see and act accordingly, be sure about.

And by the way, guess why Wladimir changed the license a few days ago... Check what's going on with latest versions of μTorrent, and you'll understand what is going to happen on original Ad Block Plus.

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