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Broadband Speed Mapper

My short report to you... Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Hey mate,
greetings from Germany to good old UK.
The idea of this Add-on is nice, so far.
I wanted to test if the Add even works with FF-10... To bad, much to my regret i had to realize that this usefull Add-on don´t proper working with FF-10.

Here comes the description of error!
After install i closed the Browser. But he didn´t close complete. The FF.exe was still active in the Windows explorer. I had to kill the executable file manually.
After this fail the browser opened correctly. I connectect to your Homepage for register. So the next Problem "came like a bull at a gate"
Now i couldn´t register and the Add-on allways show the message of Java-Scipt error when i was typing my E-mail Address etc into the Popup window of the Speed Mapper....

So my question is, could you please try to fix this two little Problems to let it work under FF-10 ??
That would be very awesome! Now my experiential report ends here :D
I´ll hope the report helps to fix the Problems. Whatever, nice done Keep up the good work! yours Ap0caLyps3

Video DownloadHelper

Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

Works even great in my Firefox Nightly 10.0a1

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Browser Backgrounds

Five Stars from me, :-D Waardering 5 van 5 sterren

I am not a new Browser Backgrounds user. I worked with this awesome Tool many Firefox before and it allways was an pleasure for me to use this. But a little while ago i began to use Firefox Nightly Builds. I wanted to help testing and reporting incompatible or compatible Addons for Firefox Nightly. Today I tested it With Firefox Nightly 10.0a1 and it works perfectly. So i´m very happy that i can use Browser Background aggain.

Greetings form Germany
yours Ap0caLyps3

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das funktioniert sehr wohl.... ich selber nutze den FF Nightly 10.0a1 und habe keine probleme

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