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Online TV

Search for up to 1000 online TV channels

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Global Twitch Emotes

Twitch culture wherever you go! This extension replaces all Twitch.tv emote phrases with their actual emoticons

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Watch UK TV

Watch UK TV channels via TV Catchup and iPlayer
+ now with tv guide

Watch any of 58 UK freeview channels live streamed right in your browser.
BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4 ,Channel Five, Film 4, Dave etc

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Netflix.com , search Netflix.com with ease from Firefox search box

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YouTube (SSL)

YouTube is the world's most popular video sharing website. This search bar extension utilizes SSL to protect searches between You and YouTube.

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PlayOnTv Desktop - отправь видео на свой SmartTV

Воспроизведи любое видео на своём SmartTV

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вЭфиреTV Vereist herstart

С помощью этого дополнения Вы сможете смотреть самые качественные телеканалы Все каналы работают на базе проигрывателя Adobe Flash, т.е. Вам не нужно устанавливать дополнительно никаких плагинов.

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ТВ онлайн

Поиск по 3500 телеканалам онлайн.

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FireHbbTV Vereist herstart

FireHbbTV integrates with Firefox to help you develop HbbTV (http://www.hbbtv.org/)
compliant applications. You can then benefit of strong development tools associated
with your favourite browser.

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Twitch Video Control

Adds keyboard controls to the twitch html5 player.
f = toggle fullscreen
t = toggle theatre mode
m = toggle mute
k = toggle play/pause
j = jump back 10 seconds (in a recording)
l = leap forward 10 seconds (in a recording)

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Ladda ned från SVT Play och andra tjänster. Kräver FFmpeg eller andra program.

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KickassTorrents Toolbar Vereist herstart

KickassTorrents Toolbar is the ultimate toolbar for KickassTorrents that retrieves the latest torrents of KickassTorrents and adds easy to use KickassTorrents search capabilites into your browser.

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Twitch Auto Popout

Automatically popouts out any twitch stream + new upcoming features.

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turrent.in - Live TV

Watch Live TV streaming without buffering, 100+ Indian and International channels are included.
Also watch Live Cricket and Live Football matches streaming. Chat with friends and discuss about show while watching it.

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UK TV Guide and Search Vereist herstart

A comprehensive, and up to date, Guide and Search for hundreds of UK TV channels based on data from radiotimes.com

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Access millions of TV shows, movies, songs, games and more.

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TV program - pretražite filmove, serije i ostale emisije na domaćim i stranim TV kanalima. Pronađite live sportske evente.

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影视资源天空 电影 电视剧 动漫 综艺 应有尽有

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Первый интернет канал Vereist herstart

Первый Интернет Канал, круглосуточный информационно-развлекательный телеканал, вещающий в НD и FULL HD формате.This extension provides you access to live broadcast of round-the-clock info and entertaining TV channel The First Internet TV Channel.

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