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Craigslist Peek

Inline Text and Image Previews on Craigslist, eBayClassifieds, Facebook Marketplace and 58同城. Multiple cities. Suggestions in cars and motorcycle list.

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Mercadolibe Preguntas Autos Geen herstart

Extension para mostrar las preguntas (que mercadolibre oculta) en las publicaciones de autos, motos e inmuebles ~ By Anush ~

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Cars expert

Everything about cars - new cars, used cars, car reviews, tips and advice, insurance and forums, photos, videos, test results and much more

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NASCAR Interactive Theme Geen herstart

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. Shift your Firefox experience into high gear with the ONLY OFFICIAL NASCAR Nationwide Series browser theme and extension.

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eBay - Motors - Speichere vergrössertes Artikelbild

eBay Motors: Stellt in Bild-"Vergrössern"-Ansicht wieder die Funktion der rechten Maustaste her (speichern des Bilds auf lokale HDD usw.).

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Craigslist car listing filter

Adds search criteria (filter) to craigslist car search page. Utility name : slamdunkincraigslistbycaryr. Complements my other addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6142

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Infibeam.com Search Plugin

Search Books, Movies, Music, Mobiles, Gifts, Cameras and lots more on Infibeam.com

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GasBuddy Toolbar

GasBuddy toolbar extension displays lowest gas prices in your location based on data from Gasbuddy.com.

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Car Reviews Search

Car Reviews is a torrent search engine which leads directly to pages with professional car reviews. It searches on more than 15 car review sites without registration.

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Miles Per Dollar Calculator

Calculate estimated price for gas for distance in miles selected on page. MPG and gas price are set in the add-on Preferences.

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Used Cars Canada - Cars for sale - Buy a new car or sell used cars

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