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AmazonSmile 1Button for Firefox Geen herstart

This is an official AmazonSmile extension for Firefox

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MakkhiChoose Geen herstart

Compare prices across online stores in India. Save money!

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Compare Hatke Geen herstart

Visit shopping sites like flipkart, amazon and get automatic price comparison for any product. Set alerts to track price drops.

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Ziftr Alerts (formerly FreePriceAlerts) Geen herstart

You do the shopping. We'll do the searching. It's that simple.

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购物党全网自动比价工具:淘宝京东比价、历史价格跟踪、降价提醒、全网收藏夹 Geen herstart


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Amazon Price Tracker -

→ Price History charts
→ Price Drop & Availability Alerts
→ Daily Drops, an overview of recent price drops
→ Huge frequently updated product database
→ Supports Amazon [ .com | | .de | | .fr | .ca | .cn | .it | .es ]

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Castorus est un outil de suivi communautaire d'annonces immobilières.
Castorus retient pour vous les éléments essentiels des annonces que vous consultez. Il vous indique l'évolution du prix de l'annonce, les éventuelles modifications, etc..

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Walmart Geen herstart

The official Walmart extension for Firefox.

This extension makes shopping at Walmart easier than ever.

Never miss out on special savings events, and save daily with our Every Day Low Prices.

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什么值得买 实时推送 Geen herstart


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Die boost-Bar macht Gutes tun beim Online-Shopping so einfach wie noch nie. Jeder Einkauf bei einem unserer Partner-Shops kann eine Spende für eine Charity deiner Wahl erzeugen – und es kostet dich nichts weiter als ein paar Klicks!

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惠买购物助手 - 网购比价利器

自动全网比价,在您访问京东,淘宝,天猫,亚马逊,一号店,苏宁,国美,易迅,当当,唯品会,新蛋等上百家网上商城时,立即为您提供更低的价格和更多的选择。购物助手安装完成后可以打开例如 这样的商品页面,在网页下方就会出现比价条。



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最安値チェッカー Geen herstart

最安値チェッカー は、Amazon、楽天市場、Yahoo!ショッピングなどの商品ページに価格.comの最安値を表示します。

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Amazonbutton FR

Accès direct au site

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Live prices as you browse. This add-on discreetly tells you who else sells the product you're viewing, and at what price.

Also features retailer analysis, product news and alerts.

Works for hundreds of UK retailers, including all the top sites.

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Coupons By Domain

Browse any website to find available coupons automatically.

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Market Redirector

Market Redirector let you an ability to open android market: links in a favorite online service.

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bidbag Remote eBay Bietagent / Sniper Geen herstart

Add-on zur intelligenten Automatisierung von Geboten in eBay-Auktionen weltweit. bidbag Nutzer sparen im Schnitt über 30% beim Einkauf in eBay, da in den letzten Sekunden geboten wird. Jetzt kostenloses Konto unter eröffnen...

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Digital Folio®

Product prices change up to 7 times a day. Digital Folio makes sure you get the best prices from major retailers on products you want to buy and tracks them for you.
Learn More >>

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