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Some web pages use intermediary pages before redirecting to a final page. This add-on tries to extract the final url from the intermediary url and goes there straight away if successful.

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Html5 Youtube Video Speed Controller Geen herstart

Html5 Youtube Video Speed Controller helps to change the playback speed of html5 video on youtube.

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QComment.ru - Биржа комментариев

Плагин для создания скриншота

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GPO support For Firefox and Thunderbird Geen herstart

Firefox and Thunderbird extension to manage user preferences and user profile CA certificates using GPOs

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Memory Fox Next

Amended Memory Fox.
Attempts to reduce both Browser and Flash usage of RAM memory. Memory Fox Next will promote the increase of available RAM for other application processes, hopefully, fostering any attempts of Memory Recovery and Retention.

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"Restart" menu and button, with configurable shortcut key.

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Restart manager

Adds to Firefox the ability for easy restart on demand.
Also, in versions 20+, manages all normal restart requests, allowing the user to choose
what to do, according to offered options.

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URL Logger

Log location changes to logfile on filesystem. Also keeps a logfile updated with active tab location and another file with locations of all tabs.

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Fooder Geen herstart

Twoje przepisy w jednym miejscu!
Fooder: łatwe i wygodne używanie przepisów pochodzących z dowolnych serwisów i blogów

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Simple Form Fill Geen herstart

Enter text into input fields by choosing items from the context menu. New items can be added by selecting text and choosing 'Add to Simple Form Fill' or by changing the add-ons' preferences.

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Just Restart!

Restart application with Ctrl+Shift+Z.

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Disable F12 Shortcut Geen herstart

Disable F12 Shortcut in Firefox 25 and above.

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Restart My Fox

Adds to appMenu (Legacy) or ToolsMenu or Tool-bar, The Restart Browser menu item or Button that allows users to easily restart the web browser without losing current open pages.

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Auto Form

Copier/Coller de formulaire entier

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YouTube Plus Geen herstart

YouTube with more freedom.

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GoToMeeting Extension for Google Calendar Geen herstart

Easily schedule GoToMeeting sessions directly from your Google Calendar.

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VipIP Geen herstart

Плагин автоматизирует работу с сервисом VipIP.ru
Установите, авторизуйтесь с логином и паролем от VipIP.ru, осуществите привязку соц. сети ВКонтакте к своему аккаунту.

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Cite This!

Use this extension to generate MLA, AMA, and APA-style citations for the websites you visit. Please post comments and feature requests/bugs to https://github.com/jamiely/citethis. You'll have to add the Note icon manually to the top-right menu.

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Fuse5 Addon Setup V2.0

Fuse5 Addon Setup to operate FF.

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ポイントUPチェッカー Geen herstart


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