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Film Info and Reviews Vereist herstart

View complete info and reviews of a film from upto 10 sites of your choice such as Wikipedia, IMDB, RottenTomatoes, Roger Ebert etc

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BufferInfinite : Online Video Subtitling Service.

This addon lets you watch the YouTube videos with subtitles.

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Google Ponies Vereist herstart

Replaces the Google Logo with Ponies from MLP! :D

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Fallen London Goat Farmer's Extension

This extension calculates and displays your total wealth each time you visit the Bazaar page in Fallen London.

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Auto Replay For Youtube

Auto replay Youtube videos to maximize your enjoyment

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¿Quieres llevar tus musica preferida a todas partes?
¿Quieres escuchar sin conexión?
Tan solo instala esta addon y encontraras un boton en YouTube para descargar tu musica preferida al instante!

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PTT web plus

PTT web 站功能強化和修正

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Catify any site! Choose an element from a site and change it to cute cat picture. Powered by http://thecatapi.com/.

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YouTubeButton Vereist herstart

Add a native looking button to Firefox on the Navigation Toolbar. Left click to go to YouTube, Middle click to open YouTube in a new tab.

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YouTubetoMP3.tv Vereist herstart

Download any YouTube video in MP3 format

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Angry Birds Games

Many Angry Birds Games to be played on-line

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Master Snakou

Ne rate plus aucun live avec la master extension !

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5336游戏开服表 Vereist herstart


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Mit dieser Erweiterung kannst du Inhalte auf SkyGo als Vollbild schauen und nebenbei weiter arbeiten, surfen oder was auch immer du machen möchtest.

Addon to help you to look videos on SkyGo with better fullscreen mode than native.

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Chess.com Browser Extension

Customize your Chess.com experience with our open-source browser extension.

Interested in contributing? Check out https://github.com/ChessCom/browser-extension

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Firefox add-on for RaspberryCast

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Real gameplay video and recent reviews numbers on Steam!

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Enhancement suite for Crunchyroll

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Débride automatiquement les vidéos Purevid. Remplacement du lecteur.

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Piano Prime

An easy-to-use and lite Piano App.

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