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View interesting YouTube videos whilst increasing your own viewership at the same time. The add-on will automatically view other member's YouTube videos in a playlist fashion.

Membership is free, simply run the Viewer and collect credits!

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Battletag for Battlelog™

Adds a right click menu to all server join buttons, where you can either type in a new tag or select one of the platoons you're in.

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SilveOS Firefox addon Vereist herstart

SilveOS.com - Silverlight operating system. It is a website that simulates an operating system inside web browser. You can launch applications right away without installation and it will be executed in draggable and resizable windows.

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Netflix Fixer for Linux

A minimal addon to fix Netflix for Linux users.

Fixes a problem on Netflix for Linux users where Netflix pops up with a help page stating mimimum requirements when they try to watch a video.

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Free Flash, Unity3D and html5 games

Best Unity3D, Flash and html5 games. This add-on opens game panel with a single click. New games every day! Very easy to use!

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HTML5 Video Schakelaar

Schakelaar om HTML5 video uit/in te schakelen.

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Steam Inventory Prices

Simple price provider for Steam inventories

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App for Spotify™

An easy-to-use and lite App for Spotify Music Player.

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Media Keys

Lets you control various media sites using the media keys on your keyboard without having the Firefox window active.

Supported Sites: youtube, pandora, spotify, bandcamp, google play, yandex, soundcloud, tidalhifi, deezer, plex, vk and more.

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This addon replaces images with pictures of Nicholas Cage. What isn't there to love

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Youtube Video Download

1. Install Extension
2. Play youtube video in your browser
3. Click the KV icon then click respective links to download
The most popular Keepvid.site website's Youtube Video Download Extension

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YouTube to MP3 Converter

YouTube to MP3 Converter and also YouTube to MP4, M4A and WEBM Downloader.
YouTube MP3 provides Audio MP3 up to 320 kbps, M4A up to 128kbps, Video MP4 and WEBM up to Maximum Available. Highest Download Quality Available. No Limits. Fast Download.

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MyWeb New Tab

Use one of hundreds of unique new tab page experiences brought to you by Brand Thunder.

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YouTube High Definition Aanbevolen

YouTube High Definition is a powerful tool that will let you automatically play all YouTube videos in HD (High Definition), turn off annotations, change video player size, auto stop videos, auto mute videos, control embedded videos and much more.

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Tilt 3D Vereist herstart

A WebGL-based 3D visualization of a webpage.

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Скачивалка музыки для ВКонтакте.ру и Яндекс.Музыки Vereist herstart

Помогает скачать mp3 музыку из ВКонтакте.ру и Яндекс.Музыки (vkontakte.ru, vk.com, music.yandex.ru).
- Человеческие названия файлов при сохранении
- Массовая загрузка всех mp3 находящихся на текущей странице для ВКонтакте

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Open in IE™ (Internet Explorer)

Open links in Internet Explorer

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PointMp3 | Download youtube to mp3

Add a button to Youtube video directly, allowing you to download it's audio content as mp3 file instantly using www.pointmp3.com

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Skype Web Messenger

Skype Web Messenger brings Skype right into your browser to make audio and video calls.

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Adds a Play/Pause toggle onto tabs that contain an HTML5 audio/video player.

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