TakeVideos Geen herstart

Download YouTube videos with javascript only. No server side scripts needed!

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Toegevoegd op May 13, 2016

Youtube mp3 for Android Geen herstart

Easy to use youtube video to mp3 downloader created specifically for Android devices.

You also get a bonus of an Android Appstore easily accessible from your browser.

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Toegevoegd op May 9, 2016

Free Movies n Best Apps Geen herstart

Watch full length, new release movies online For Free and, Download the latest movies and best apps without Registration. A convenient tool to have on your browser to access recently released blockbusters.

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Toegevoegd op May 8, 2016

Free Stuff Geen herstart

Enter to win free coupons,gift cards, games, household items,baby items, anything is at your disposal.

Install and start and winning

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Toegevoegd op May 6, 2016


CopyAll links to pdf or Copy Selected Links to PDF.

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Toegevoegd op May 4, 2016

YouTube Video Download & Convert Geen herstart

YouTube Video Download and Convert is the powerful add-on that lets you collect all media information available on YouTube. Advanced power panel lets you download, preview, play with and convert all media right inside Firefox.

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Toegevoegd op May 2, 2016

Reactor Idle Save Tool Geen herstart

Auto backup your save

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Toegevoegd op May 2, 2016

Youtube Downloader mp3 Geen herstart

Easy to use youtube video to mp3 downloader

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Toegevoegd op May 2, 2016

Just Save Geen herstart

A simple WebExtension for skipping the "Save As" dialog when saving images, pages and links.

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Toegevoegd op April 28, 2016

youtubeconvert Geen herstart

Add a button to any Youtube video web page allowing user to download it using

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Toegevoegd op April 25, 2016

Cloump U-Scraper Plugin Geen herstart

Instantly converts web page into API for data collecting, combined with cloump's MS-Excel Add-in which supports both Mac and Windows, users can do data collecting works without any coding.

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Toegevoegd op April 25, 2016

Pdf Creator Geen herstart

Convert any webpage to a pdf quickly

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Toegevoegd op April 24, 2016

Unity Launcher API Addon Geen herstart

Add-on for Unity Launcher API integration regarding download progress and count.

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Toegevoegd op April 23, 2016

Open Download Manager Desktop

Open Download Manager integration with Firefox browser.

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Toegevoegd op April 21, 2016

Synology Download Extender Geen herstart

An extension for Synology Download Station.
You can send links to you Synology from context menu or direct input.
Watch the download progress.
Clean the finished tasks.
Works with magnet-links too.

A Synology with Download Station is required.

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Toegevoegd op April 20, 2016

Open With Adobe Illustrator Geen herstart

Open With Adobe Illustrator is a new companion for web designers, graphic designers and in general whom like to use Illustrator.

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Toegevoegd op April 20, 2016

Unityfox Revived Geen herstart

Adds a download progress bar and active downloads count to the Firefox icon on the launcher in Unity and KDE Plasma 5.6+.

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Toegevoegd op April 13, 2016

Flinkary Geen herstart

Flinkary is your favorite link library. You can easily save, organize and discover links. With the "Flink it!" Button you can quickly and directly save any link.

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Toegevoegd op April 10, 2016

Télécharger YouTube MP3 Geen herstart

Télécharger et convertir des vidéos Youtube au format MP3 depuis le site

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Toegevoegd op April 9, 2016

Privatkopiera Geen herstart

Ladda ned från SVT Play och andra tjänster. Kräver FFmpeg.

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Toegevoegd op April 3, 2016