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Skylink Screensharing mdxcess

Skylink Firefox addon to enable screen sharing

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Toegevoegd op April 10, 2017

iDownloader launcher

This add on Provides browser with a "Download link With iDownloader" option. Just right click on any download link and select "Download with iDownloader".

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Toegevoegd op April 7, 2017


Collection of Link Related Actions, e.g. Open Selected Links, Copy Selected Links

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Toegevoegd op April 6, 2017

YouTube to Mp3 Converter fuzna

This addon places a fuzna button below youtube videos which triggers a mp3 conversion of the current video when clicked. It's simple and extremely fast!

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Toegevoegd op April 3, 2017

YouTube MP3 downloader by GreenMP3

YouTube MP3 downloader by

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Toegevoegd op March 29, 2017

YouTube MP3

Download videos from youtube in mp3 format.
Extension uses the website

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Toegevoegd op March 28, 2017

The Pirate Bay Tweaks

Enhances The Pirate Bay with configurable tweaks.

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Adds an option to right-click menu that downloads the link with

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Always Preview (WebExtension)

Allows you to preview most pdf files with the pdf reader.

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Toegevoegd op March 6, 2017


Ouvrez des images et vidéos dans des onglets et téléchargez les toutes grâce à un simple clic.

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Toegevoegd op March 6, 2017

YouTube To Mp3 Converter | Mp3 Converter

Mp3 Converter allows you to Convert YouTube to MP3, MP4, f4v, webm, 3gp & more. Just click on Download As button provided below the video. It will take you to where download will start automatically.

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Toegevoegd op March 2, 2017

Songsterr GP Downloader

You can download guitar pro files from songsterr with this extension

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Toegevoegd op February 23, 2017

Download with youtube-dl

Pass the URL of the open tab to youtube-dl.
Refer to for youtube-dl downloads and usage instructions. You may also want to get FFmpeg from to download Youtube videos in 60 FPS, 1080p and 4K.

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Toegevoegd op February 22, 2017


Download .mp3 files from linguee pages

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Toegevoegd op February 11, 2017

Download Plus Vereist herstart

Manage popular downloaders(Thunder, QQDownload, FlashGet, etc)

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Toegevoegd op February 7, 2017


Automatically download and convert videos with

If you have any feedback please use the comment section below.

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Toegevoegd op January 27, 2017

Bytesloader Add-on

Bytesloader Add-on for quick downloading.

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Toegevoegd op January 26, 2017

Main page only

Save time and traffic - see only raw html page of the website - no CSS, JS, images and other heavy-weight stuff.
95% of valuable information are usually can be seen on the raw html page, and 95% of the traffic are lost with images, css and js.

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ZipeZip Free online archive extractor and virus / malware scanner.
Just upload a zip or other archive file and zipezip will scan the archive contents for viruses and malware.
You can download extracted files.

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Toegevoegd op January 24, 2017