3D in your browser! FoxTab brings innovative 3D functionality to your Firefox.

New! Top Sites for FoxTab (aka Speed Dial).

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GoogleSonomy zeigt Ihnen Suchergebnisse aus dem Online Bookmarking System BibSonomy in Ihrer Google-Suche an.

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Cet addon vous permet de centraliser puis synchroniser vous favoris de n'importe ou sur internet.

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Cardapio do Bandejão da FT

Exibe o cardapio do bandejão da FT

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Net Notes

Store Notes on Websites in your Bookmarks.

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Toegevoegd op August 28, 2008

Auto Dial

Quick access to frequently visited pages on new tabs (Ctrl/Cmd-T)

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Feedly - Beyond Google Reader

A productive way to organize, read and share the content of your favorite feeds, blogs and news sites. Feedly offers a seamless transition from Google Reader.

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Webchunks is a Firefox3 implementation of Microsoft Webslices (feature appeared with IE8). It allows you to "follow" an area of a web page through a dedicated feed bookmarked in a new toolbar. Clicking on the toolbar entry shows the information relat...

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Drag &

Drag & drop your files directly into drops!

A drop is a chunk of space you can use to store and share anything privately (pictures, videos, audio, documents, etc.), without accounts, registration, or an email address. Drops are not "searchab...

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Old Add Bookmark Behavior

This extension makes "Bookmark This Page", "Bookmark This Tab" and "Bookmark All Tabs.." behavior equal with Firefox2.

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Toegevoegd op August 13, 2008

Old Bookmarks Sidebar Geen herstart

Returns bookmarks sidebar like at Firefox 2.0.

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Toegevoegd op August 10, 2008

1 Click Bookmark

The bookmarks feature provides the ability to store links on various sites like Delicious, Blogmarks, Stumbleupon, Digg, Facebook, Newsvine, Reddit, Magnolia and others with a simple mouse click.

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Toegevoegd op August 7, 2008

ubuntuusers Menu

Access nearly all areas of the German Ubuntu portal, the international forum and more than 100 other (int.) websites around Linux, Ubuntu, hardware & software etc.

The extension is translated into English and German.

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Toegevoegd op August 5, 2008

Evernote Web Clipper Geen herstart

De Evernote Firefox extensie is de beste manier om de goede dingen die u online tegenkomt vast te leggen. Vergeet bladwijzers en open tabbladen en sla de feitelijke paginainhoud op - de tekst, koppelingen, afbeeldingen.

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Toegevoegd op August 4, 2008 Network Menu

Aggiunge un menu al browser per navigare più agevolmente e velocemente nel network
Forumeye, Videogiochi, Cinema, Anime, Serial, Video, Trailer

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Tarief websites met InetConnector Multisearch. Blader naar populaire willekeurige sites. Multisearch kun je comfortabel en snel beginnen met Google ® Internet verzoeken met preview. In de huidige versie van Multisearch vindt u: winkels: eBay ®, Amazo...

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Nie masz czasu przeczytać ciekawej strony? Wystarczy jeden klik i możesz z łatwością odwiedzić ją później! Tagowanie, archiwizowanie i wyszukiwanie pozwoli Ci na błyskawiczne dotarcie do właściwej strony!

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Toegevoegd op July 28, 2008

Video Bookmarks

The Video Bookmarks button from myVidster is a video bookmarking tool that provides an quick and easy way to collect, download, organize and share videos from any video host, website and blog.

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Toegevoegd op July 19, 2008 Menu

Aggiunge un menu che permette di accedere più agevolmente al sito e rimanere aggiornato sugli Eventi importanti

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Toegevoegd op July 18, 2008

Undo Bookmarks Menu

Add "Undo" and "Redo" menu in context menu of bookmarks.

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Toegevoegd op July 17, 2008