Protect yourself from shocking images. All pictures are blurred and you can make them fully visible with a mouse move, one by one.

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Remove Resizer

Removes (disables) the bottom right corner resizer (gripper).

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Speed Dial Fresh and Cool Style

Speed Dial Fresh and Cool Style for "Speeddial" addon

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ZXXeverywhere NSA & Snooping Proof Font Tool

This extension adds the NSA & Surveillence proof ZXX font to pages to protects from mass surveillence by countering character recognition on every website that you visit.

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Web Security Vereist herstart

To inform end users with authenticity of the websites and the web content hope to replace Firefox's identity box and plugin icon.

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Twitch Disable Unfollow

Disable the unfollow button for channels you already follow on twitch , more info can be found on my twitter https://www.twitter.com/sCop3SCouT

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Smiley Pack for DesiDime

A pack of lovely smileys to bring your emotions alive on Desidime.

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forum.ge text markup helper

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Disable xat chat or profile CSS Vereist herstart

This extension allows you to disable user added CSS on any xat chat or xat.me profile by adding ?nocss at the end of the URL.

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Toast Notification Alerter Add-on for Windows 8

Replace XUL Alert with Windows 8's Toast Notification

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Downloads Toolbar Button

Adds a Downloads toolbar button

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Double Click Top-Left to Close

Double click top-left corner to close window.

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Syracuse University Athletics Interactive Theme

The official theme for Syracuse University athletics! Get it today to enjoy: An awesome Syracuse theme, breaking news, and social connections with Facebook & Twitter.

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Zoom for Firefox

Zoom in or out on web content using the zoom button for more comfortable reading.

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Switch between HiDPI and normal mode with one click

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Toggle System Colors

Use CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-C to toggle system colors on and off

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Undo Close Tab Button

Reopens the last closed tab.

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Pic Zoom Vereist herstart

Zoom in and out of any image on a page

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Single Star Button (without Bookmarks Menu Button)

Right Click to show Bookmarks Menu.

Single Star Button without separate Bookmarks Menu Button.
Remove Bookmarks Menu Button. Leaves same Single Star Button.

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Thin Bars

Customization options for the menubar, toolbar and findbar.

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