Context Bookmarks Vereist herstart

Adds bookmarks to context menu so you can access them by mouse right click.

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GoogleBlack Vereist herstart

Makes Google Black

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Football Interactive Theme - track your NFL teams!

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. Football includes a selector for your favorite NFL team as well as the latest football videos in the sidebar.

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Google Reader New Style Minimalistic By DemianGod

Removes all the junk from New Google Reader and just gives you the search and collapsable subscriptions + favicons. By DemianGod

Also you can install the Script for GreaseMonkey.
Download from: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/30242

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BW-Checker Vereist herstart

Stellt Informationen zur aktuellen Seite bereit, die bei BeliebtesteWebseite.de hinterlegt sind.

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Customize Your Web Vereist herstart

Customize Your Web (CYW) let's you customize your favorite websites with just a few clicks. What Greasemonkey is for developers is CYW for non-developers. You can remove/rearrange /modify elements, add keyboard shortcuts and do many other things.

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FontMag Vereist herstart

Font Magnifier

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Tabs on top Vereist herstart

Tabs that actually reach the top of window! (for easy clicking) if combined with "HIDE CAPTION TITLEBAR PLUS" addon.
Tabs like Chrome browser, but without any undesired extras.

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LiteRider7 Vereist herstart


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Glasser Pojo Vereist herstart

Adds the Windows Vista glass frame to Firefox - Updated version in install.rdf as the original Glasser has not been updated for 3.5+. See original here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7336. Enjoy!

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Meet The Smilies Vereist herstart

Will give a bunch of smileys that you can use anywhere on the web !

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Search Helper - Enhance Google Vereist herstart

Open Google search results in multiple tabs. Access your last search results from a toolbar button. Get similar sites for any Google search result.

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Accessibility Scripts Toolbar Vereist herstart

A toolbar containing scripts to improve the usability and accessibility of any given webpage for blind computer users by providing functionality to solve commonly encountered problems caused by bad web design practices.

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Vereist herstart

-- Personas to whole browser --
This extension make Personas improves the freedom, and aims to tailor your browser for more your taste.

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FireWeasel Vereist herstart

Rebrands Iceweasel back to Firefox

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IMEStatus Vereist herstart

Show IME status by input/textarea/textbox background color.

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Armory2Forums Vereist herstart

Improves the American and European World of Warcraft forums seamlessly with information from WoWArmory.com and WoWProgress.com.

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DownloadNow.net - Add files button Vereist herstart

Makes adding files to DownloadNow.net easier. Just highlight links on any webpage and click the button.

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Yah's Link Checker for Firefox Vereist herstart

Yah's Link Checker is a Firefox version of the popular, "The Cavern Links Checker" Greasemonkey script. It linkifies and highlights links from 140+ different filehosts. Plus, this add-on protects users from malicious and masquerading links.

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Kroniki Fallathanu Informer Vereist herstart

Dzięki temu dodatkowi na pasku dodatków pojawi się informacja o otrzymanej poczcie w grze przez przeglądarkę Kroniki Fallathanu (http://www.kf2.pl). W opcjach dodatku należy podać swój ID w grze i gotowe.

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