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99damage Steam Profile Linker Compatibel met Firefox 57+

Dieses Addon verwandelt die STEAM IDs der 99Liga Spieler ind Links zu ihren Steam Profilen

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99px.ru коллекционер изображений Vereist herstart

Сохраняет изображения с любых сайтов в вашу коллекцию на сайте 99px.ru используя контекстное меню

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9anime Companion Compatibel met Firefox 57+

A simple companion extension for 9Anime

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9Anime Enhancement Compatibel met Firefox 57+

Improve your experience on 9anime with new features!

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9GAG Nightmode

This addon changes the backgroundcolor on 9gag.com from white to black (nightmode). It also changes some font colors from black to white.
This is a personal addon which is not official from 9gag.com.

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9gag nsfw Compatibel met Firefox 57+

Activate this plugin to view all 9gag nsfw images without logging in. You will view the nsfw posts directly on 9gag, as opposed to some plugins which just opens the image in a new tab.

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9GAG NSFW Unblocker

Bypass blocked nsfw 9gag images with one click!

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9GAG Profile Picture Compatibel met Firefox 57+

9gagPP permet aux utilisateurs de 9GAG de voir la photo d'un utilisateur en haute résolution en passant la souris au dessus de celle-ci dans les commentaires d'un post.

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9GAG Tweaks Compatibel met Firefox 57+

Removes the sidebar and the sharing buttons from 9gag. Replaces the sharing buttons with Telegram sharing.

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9kw Client

9kw.eu - Captcha Service Addon

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<disabled> Download shortxt from the link below Vereist herstart

This is an old listing.

Please download LATEST version here - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/twitzer-twitter-more/

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=F|A= SmartBrowser Vereist herstart

Navigate easily with the =F|A= SmartBrowser! Developed for the Fearless Assassins gaming community.

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@jobo.ro Vereist herstart

Extensie Firefox care iti permite sa postezi usor la jobo.ro imagini din site-urile vizitate

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A backup Vereist herstart

카페, 블로그의 내 게시물들을 백업합니다.

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A Better Firefox Add-on Bar

This add-on tweaks the default add-on bar and makes it look much cleaner and more convenient, simply hover over the add-on bar area at the bottom right side of the browser window and you'll see your icons all neatly organized, it has transitions.

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A Bible Verse Toolbar Vereist herstart

A Firefox toolbar made to display bible verses.

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A Bit Better RTM Vereist herstart

Small improvements for Remember The Milk interface (original greasemonkey script "A Bit Better RTM" - http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/32518)

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A Certain Manga Reader

Read and receive notifications for your mangas with ease.

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A Double Click to Close Tab Vereist herstart

Double click on Tab or Webpage to close current Tab. Also, will add the "Undo Closed Tab" context menu. It is the smallest/fastest extension in the world, only 1Kb!

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A HREF++ Vereist herstart


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