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Optimy Search

Google Search redesigned for your sidebar. Search and results always within easy reach.

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Options Dialog Restorer (ODR) Requires Restart

Ports the classic Options dialog to Firefox 42 and later.

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Options in tab Requires Restart

Opcje przeglądarki dostępne w karcie.

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Options Menu Requires Restart

Quick access to extension options dialogs

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Options Toolbar Button Requires Restart

This is a small devision of Michael Buckley's Toolbar Buttons extension. https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2377/ or http://codefisher.org/toolbar_button/

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OQFA - Image Hosting Cargador Online Requires Restart

Complemento OQFA Image Hosting para firefox que permite subir fotos desde cualquier sitio con solo pulsar el boton derecho del mouse Hasta 10Mb por fichero.

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Soyez au courant lorsque Oraclis est en LIVE !

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OraDB Error Code Look-up Requires Restart

Simplifies getting details about error numbers hit when developing applications for Oracle database.

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Orange Confort+

Orange Confort+ add-on

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Chat for reddit

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Órarend importáló Requires Restart

Az etr-ből importálja az órákat az órarend generátorba

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Orbitum Speed Dial

Orbitum Speed Dial это отличный способ прокачать содержимое вашей “новой вкладки” в FireFox: красивые заставки, быстрый доступ к любимым сайтам, удобные функции кастомизации.

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OrbThis Requires Restart

Use OrbThis to enjoy your favorite videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, & more on your mobile device! ...

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OrchMail Requires Restart

OrchMail is a conversation starter for OrchestratorMail. OrchestratorMail is an innovative hosted application that brings efficiency to email communication.

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OrderParser for Taxik

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Organize Your Internet With Ease

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Use the Ordino Firefox Add-on to start adding resources from across the web into Ordino.

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Oregon Athletics New Tab

New tab experience for fans of the Oregon Ducks and Puddles!

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Oregon State University Inetractive Theme

For Serious OSU Beavers Fans Only! You'll enjoy:
- A stunning Orange theme
- Quick links to the best of Beavers athletics
- A sidebar for the latest action

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Org-mode Capture

Take notes and register bookmarks in Org-mode with Org-protocol

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