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oltalk Geen herstart

Talk with users of the same website - oltalk.com

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oltalk-mobile Geen herstart

Talk with users of the same website - oltalk.com

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Olympic Medals

Adds Vancouver 2010 Olympic medal standings to your status bar. Select your country and medal count is updated and displayed in real-time in your status bar - stay on top of the game at all times!

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OM New Tab Geen herstart

-- More than 60 websites in new tab page

-- These websites are 14 categories

-- You can add your favorite websites

-- 20 Most visited websites

-- 40 Recently visited websites

-- All your bookmarks

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OMA Lightweight M2M protocol tool: The OMA LWM2M DevKit is an interactive LWM2M Client that sends live messages to interact with LWM2M Server implementations.

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OMG! Ubuntu! Firefox Notifier Geen herstart

The official OMG! Ubuntu! Firefox add-on.

Stay up to date with the latest Ubuntu news and developments.

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Omnem Gradibus Geen herstart

Despliega automáticamente todos los pasos en una sola página para cada artículo en Instructables.

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Omnibar Aanbevolen

Integrates location bar and search bar into one. Shows search and url suggestions. Quickly switch search engine using search keywords. Provides different auto-complete popup styles for compact displays.

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Omnibar Plus Geen herstart

This add-on has been discontinued in favor of Beyond Australis. I highly suggest you try it instead.

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Firebug extension for web analytics testing and debugging

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Omniref Geen herstart

Adds Ruby documentation search from Omniref.com to your Google search results and Github source listings.

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omnisequences Geen herstart

Omnisequences are keyboard sequences which you can customize. This is inspired by google shorcuts. This aint your grandma's shortcuts but sequences with reusable functionality across sites and extensibility.

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OmniSidebar Geen herstart Aanbevolen

Bring your bookmarks into view with just a gesture. Move the sidebar across the screen. Open a different sidebar by just clicking its title. And more! Keeps your sidebar simple and quick to access!

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Validate content (typically web pages) using any number of configurable validation services, such as the W3C Markup Validator and Validator.nu, and view the validation results in a Firebug-like panel in the browser.

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Omonitoring.ru - меняй валюту с выгодой! Мониторинг курсов обменных пунктов.

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The omploader extension allows you to easily ompload images, links and pages from your browser. Omploader is a free image and file hosting service.

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ÖMU HAN-Generator Geen herstart

Mit dem ÖMU Han Generator kannst du direkt während dem Surfen durch einen einfachen Klick eine Verbindung mit dem HAN-Server (Literaturlieferdienst) der Medizinischen Universität Wien herstellen.

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On.net toolbar

On.net is a innovative internet provider which runs the most popular Macedonian web portal and blog service.

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Shows what`s going on Radio_FM + Last.fm scrobbling feature + Stream_FM built-in player.
Twitter channel: http://twitter.com/#!/onair_fm

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Onda Sul FM - Carmo do Rio Claro-MG Geen herstart

VIRTUALcast FacePlayer - Onda Sul FM.
Ouça a sua rádio preferida enquanto navega no Facebook.

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