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Netflix Plus Vereist herstart

Adds links to IMDB (Internet Movie Database) on the netflix website,
and clear text titles beneath thumbnails.

Adds list of recent searches - can be used as watchlist.

Easy links to the netflix website: Home/ Recently Watched / Just for Kids

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Netflix Rate

Overwrites the style of the Nextflix Watch Instantly and DVD browsing webpages to show IMDB and Rotten Tomato ratings.

International Users:
Only English movie titles work currently, translation may be in a future update.

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Netflix Shuffle

Netflix Shuffle adds a button that detects which Netflix show page the user is on, and plays a random episode from that show.

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Netflix Star

A light-weight, secure add-on that allows you to quickly see your Netflix movie ratings right in the main page without having to hover over any movie images. Super nifty if you want to see your movie ratings quickly.

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Netflix Super Browse


This extension adds a "Super Browse" hover link to the main Netflix Navigation. Hovering over this item will reveal Netflix's extended categories.

Please leave feedback if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.

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Netflix Travelist

This extension allows Netflix users to access the 'My List' feature while accessing Netflix from outside their home country or through a VPN.

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This Extension adds Rotten Tomatoes Critics and User Critics to movies and series whenever they can be matched.

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A visual iconic directory of Netherlands Newspapers, easily click and read your favorite Newspapers.

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NetIQ Basic SSO

NetIQ Basic SSO Extension

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Netlux Adblocker

Block unwanted ads.

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Netlux Site Blocker Vereist herstart

Automagically blocks websites of your choice. Ideal for parental control!

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Netmasked Privacy Settings

Enables simple updates to hidden privacy settings in Firefox.

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Netograph Vereist herstart

Privacy snapshots of the social web

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Netopi Vereist herstart

Imagine a blackboard attached to every website, where you (and everybody else) can write down public opinions about the page and read comments from people who came before you.

That's exactly what Netopi is. Especially with Netopi Firefox Extension.

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Netscape Link Pad Vereist herstart

Link Pad is a sidebar that you can drop links onto to save for later without cluttering your bookmarks. Find a link to a YouTube video you want to watch, but don’t have time now? Drop it into Link Pad (or even just on Link Pad’s status bar icon), and...

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NetVideoHunter Vereist herstart

This add-on is a downloader that lets you easily download videos from sites like Youtube, Facebook, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Break, VKontakte and music for example from SoundCloud, Grooveshark and from many other sites...

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Netvouz buttons Vereist herstart

Netvouz buttons on the URL toolbar gives quick access to your Netvouz home page, and to the Netvouz bookmark submission form.

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Пиринговая сеть

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Netword Toolbar

This FREE Netword Extension, a patented technology, is a fun way to discover new local businesses in your neighborhood and help you save BIG with great discounts, coupons, or deals to your favorite stores!

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Network Activator (ARUP) Vereist herstart

Network activator browsser extension

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