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KidZui turns Firefox into fun, kid-safe browser and online playground for kids 3-12 with over a million kids games, YouTube videos, and websites.

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Winter Holiday Christmas Interactive Theme

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme, the Christmas Interactive Theme: Includes links to the fun sites, Christmas videos in sidebar and a day/night theme that changes automatically!

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Link Pad

Een add-on gemaakt door Netscape voor Firefox 2. Nu Netscape dood is zullen ze het niet meer updaten. Ik heb gekeken in de bron en op het internet gezocht naar een licentie op hun website. Maar ik vond niks over een licentie voor deze add-on. Daarom ...

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This addon allows you to run in a terminal a command in a web page by selecting text by right clicking.

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Check multiple checkboxes with ease by drawing a box around them to automatically select them all.

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StockTwits Firefox Extension Geen herstart

Share ideas on financial websites including Yahoo! Finance, Reuters, CNN Money and more. Links $tickers on Twitter, Facebook, and LInkedIn to StockTwits.

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Tumbarumba is an artwork containing 12 original short stories. Warning: includes adult language. Visit the project site for more information. A video demonstration of the project is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTXWjVTyglk

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Oodle Sidekick

Automatically reposts your craigslist listings to Oodle, MySpace, Lycos, Walmart, GoogleBase and hundreds of other sites

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HON Toolbar

Search and navigate the medical web with complete confidence thanks to the thousands of HONcode websites certified by the Health On the Net Foundation, and the features of this toolbar.

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Old Manage Bookmarks

Show folders as expandable in the right pane of Library dialog (that displays History, Tags and All Bookmarks), as the same as Bookmarks Manager of Firefox 2.0.0.*.

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Back to Close

Close the current tab/browser when there is no page history. FF3 compatible recreation of the popular BackIsClose extension by TP Diffenbach

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(Note: Version 0.5.34 has been updated to work with Firefox 34)

Keyfixer patches the key bindings for Mac OS X users of Firefox and Thunderbird to match the key bindings of Windows

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My stop button looks like...

Shiitake is not enough? -- ok, now you can change stop button's icon just as you like!

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Animat allows you to create an animated image using the Animated Portable Network Graphics (APNG) format.

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Seznam Settings

Updated version of partner DEX for Firefox 3.0.x. Please note that this DEX is for mitigating error messages a user could receive on major update, and should not be used as-is.

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Pozwala na szybkie i wygodne pobieranie plików z portalu wrzuta.pl

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Tab select saver

This simple extension allows the user to select some tabs from the open ones and save them together into a new folder.

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Online Appointment Qlinks

OA Qlinks provides online appointment users with links to the owner's web site, appointment book and calendar. Most of the extension links require a membership. The appointment system will handle URL requests based on the user's login status and ID.

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