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Shop, save, and share all the best offers online!

DealsPlus helps you discover, save, and share the best coupons and deals for all your favorite stores.

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Crisply - Firefox Extension

This extension will record time spent on websites that you choose, and send the data to your Crisply account.

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Url Checker - Check link - Download links Checker Vereist herstart

UrlChecker for mediafire, rapidshare, depositfiles,mega.co.nz,.. adfly,bitly,urlcash,linkbucks link extractor and many other file hosts.Automatically Check mass online
Supported by http://urlchecker.net or http://urlchecker.org

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Social Unlocker

Agora uma forma simples de contornar esta obrigação e de conseguirmos ver esses conteúdos sem ter de fazer Gosto em páginas que nem sabemos bem se gostamos. O Social Unlocker trata desses problema.

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Custom Bar Vereist herstart

This is a custom bar

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Sk-Live直播列表, Twitch聊天室表情icon

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Radar77 - Buscador de precos Vereist herstart

Busca o melhor preco para voce economizar

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Backspace Enabler

For Linux users. Enable the backspace key to act as a shortcut for the browser's back button (necessary on Linux only).

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This add-on can convert your currently displayed URL or selected text into a QR code displayed in a popup window from an icon in the toolbar. QRL can also generate a QR code for images via the context menu.

This addon uses the web service goQR.me.

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UT Viewer

View your UT in nice sequence! No more Ctr+F every time!

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Persian transliteration

Helps transliterating Persian texts.

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Steam Linkfilter Bypass

Bypass the "You are leaving Steam" notice when clicking on links in Steam chat.

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GodSaves.tk Anti-Porn Vereist herstart

1 Thessalonians 4:3-5, Hebrew 6:1-8, sexual immorality is a sin, do not fall away from the faith.

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Facebook Chat Bracket Emoticons

Replaces [[xxx]] expressions with their respective pictures on facebook chat.

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a basic add-on

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Deezer feed cleaner

Supprimer les albums promotionnels du flux "À écouter" sur Deezer.

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Enables searching within a subreddit without the RES bloat.


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Selected Search Plus Vereist herstart

Original author has restarted the developement for this add-on.
Recommend to use the original add-on instead,

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Introducing EasyCollab, a better way to stay aware and work through your day to day work in activeCollab — right in your browser toolbar!

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Loads webpages automatically.

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