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Reddoodle Geen herstart

A user generated doodles for Google powered by Reddit

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jobsRmine.com helps you find the best local jobs from more than 300 job sites in 65 countries across the globe. Find awesome articles about industry trends in our blog.

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Click Modifiers Geen herstart

Changes link clicking behavior when using modifier keys or middle mouse button.

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Internet Illuminator Geen herstart

This add-on illuminates the corporate and political power structures of the 1%. These ubiquitous relationships are often complex and unknown. It reveals the connections between corporations, brands and individuals by clarifying who owns what.

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Fake Windows Version for Useragent Geen herstart

Fake Windows Version for Useragent automatically. Especially usefll Fake XP to Windows 7 or Windows8 or Windows10

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Webcompat.com Reporter Geen herstart

Adds a button to allow users to easily report site compatibility issues at webcompat.com, for the active tab.

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Ultimate Spotify Search Geen herstart

Simplifies search on Spotify.
Adds launchers on Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp.
Allows search using right-click.
Shows results on either desktop app or web player.

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WebVirusCheck XPI for Mozilla Add-ons

(このエディションはMozilla Add-onsに登録するためバージョン制限を設定しています。制限なしエディションはhttp://webapp.chidipy.jpn.com/webviruscheck.htmlから取得してください。)

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Search instantly for torrents

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Thin Xdebug Geen herstart

Adds toolbar buttons for switching Xdebug remote debugging and profiling.

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Indonesia-newspapers Geen herstart

A visual iconic directory of all Indonesian Newspapers for easy reading.

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Iran-newspapers Geen herstart

A visual iconic directory of Iranian Newspapers for easy reading.

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FileFox.pl Geen herstart

Wtyczka ułatwiająca korzystanie z serwisu FileFox.pl

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Betfair Affiliate Deep Link Generator Geen herstart

Generate Affiliate Deep Links

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AutoProxy Plus Geen herstart

Automatically configure the proxy based on a set of rules. Never switch on/off the proxy server again!

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gm-mafia Geen herstart

a basic add-on gm-mafia

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Tab Merger

Opens a new tab in an already existing tab

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YouTube Video downloader and Converter Geen herstart

This extension helps you to easily download youtube video and converts them automatically to Multiformat. It is very simple, useful and saves you from a lot of work by adding a download button right at the bottom of the youtube video.

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tab modal prompt Geen herstart

Add a context menu to tab-modal prompts.

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jVai.fr URL Minimizer Geen herstart

jVai.fr Firefox add-on vous permet de réduire l'adresse de la page courante d'un seul clic !

D'un clic supplémentaire, vous pourrez twitter cette page et obtenir des statistiques sur l'usage de votre URL raccourcie.

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