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InstagramSpot Vereist herstart

A lightweight instagram profile viewer! InstagramSpot is designed for an easy way to access and view Instagram profiles. It does this by finding an Instagram user based on their ID and redirecting you to their page automatically.

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A web app for Roku remote control

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Similarsitecheck plugin Vereist herstart

The add-on from similarsitecheck displays life similar websites to the Website visited.
The site visited is being analyzed and with just one click on the Icon in the menu bar, there will be displayed up to 20 similar websites.

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Webpageanalyse Vereist herstart

Das Plugin von Webpageanalyse bietet eine technische Analyse zu einer aufgerufenen Webseite. Neben allgemeinen Informationen wie Pagerank wird auf die Punkte Technik, Verweise und SEO sehr detaillierter eingegangen.

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Floraqueen ( FR ) Vereist herstart

FloraQueen dispose d’un nouveau plug-in de recherche qui vous permettra de trouver les fleurs les plus fraîches en fonction de leur destination, et des cadeaux au meilleur prix.

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YouTube Stretch Vereist herstart

This extension allows you to stretch YouTube videos to in-browser full screen conveniently.
Simply press button with quality you'd like to have and enjoy your video!

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Reply Robot Vereist herstart

Add text to input area quickly

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Wajestic Toolbar Vereist herstart

Ne passez plus à côté de vos remboursements. Détection automatique des sites marchands partenaires, vous activez votre carte de fidélité en un clic !

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Snapbugz Vereist herstart

Snapbugz is the simplest free Bugtracker you will ever use. Enter a URL, annotate the screen, invite and discuss your result. Done. Bugtracking as easy as 1-2-3.

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Linkifies un-linked dogecoin addresses across the web

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Close Tab #

Close any tabs numbered 1-8 with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+{number}.

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映画.com Check-in通知 Vereist herstart


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mozImage Vereist herstart

Allow you to browse images on your local disk and on a web page.

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Subscribe to feed

Let Firefox notify you when a new post is published. Even when you're away from this website.

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Does Creatine Work Vereist herstart

Does Creatine Work? What Everybody Ought To Know. An information portal dedicated to educating the consumer on one of the most widely used and well researched sports supplements. Includes dosage, safe and links to other authority sites.

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Cloquo Event Grabber

Cloquo Event Grabber helps you grab dates from the web and turn them into alarms. Then you will be reminded by your iPhone or by email. It doesn't matter if it's an upcoming movie, a concert, a webinar or whatever event you can find on the web.

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PrivacySuite Vereist herstart

Protect your privacy online.

Check out MaskMe, Abine's NEW privacy tool that offers much of what PrivacySuite does, but is simply better.

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Australis Slimmr

Slimming the Australis Theme of Firefox 28 (Features(all optional): Toolbar over Navbar, Compress Bookmark Toolbar, Autohide Navbar, Tabs always in Titlebar, Compress Navbar Items)

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AAU Moodle Optimizer

Improves AAU's Moodle, inspired by Thomas Panum's extensions for Chrome and Safari. Removes the confusing background and centers the AAU logo.

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Multilookup: Multitab searching Vereist herstart

Search multiple Web sources in the same time.

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