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WebVideoFetcher.com for Mozilla Firefox

Download and Convert videos directly from Youtube. Instant Online Video Converter

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Daisy Bell

This extension erases the local memory of your browser character by character.
It should not be either useful or harmful.
When you are tired of erasing the internet with your browser, just disable or remove it.

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AutoTradutor Inglês para Português

Forma fácil e rápida de traduzir textos diretamente no navegador.

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YNET is not press

the goal is to warn users of Ynet that its content might be not straight and contain disinformation.

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It helps to create a list of recently checked in files , removes duplicate files and also copies it your clipboard. Hence it saves you the tedious task of manually selecting the latest version of files. Just paste the contents and get going .

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Fosdem Basic Protocol Handler(fosdem:)

FOSDEM is a two-day event organized by volunteers to promote the widespread use of Free and Open Source software.This Add-on defines FOSDEM protocol and it's showcase how to create your own protocol. fosdem:about

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Byffox Download Video button

Adds a button that lets you download YouTube videos.

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Strict Compatibility Opt-in Test Addon Geen herstart

This is an example addon demonstrating the strictCompatibility opt-in option.

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dealnews Sidebar

Find deals and store coupons while you shop on your favorite sites.

Never miss a bargain again. This browser add-on will automatically find coupons for the sites that you visit most frequently, without interrupting your shopping experience.

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MyCoupons Add-on

Get Online Coupon Codes for your favorite sites, and it also shows you discounted Gift Card Codes! No other toolbar does this for all of your favorite online merchants! Stays hidden until savings are available, no annoying popups.

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Quick and easy ScreenCapping

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Quick definition (Beta)

Simplified word definition for firefox, simply press ctrl+shift+alt to get a definition on a new tab

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Pops video elements as resizable windows4.

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Simple dashboard-like RSS feed reader.

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Stop Internet Censorship!

Plugin which blocks all domains who are lobbying for pushing SOPA through legislation.

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ColdFire Extension for Firebug

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Janus adds a like/dislike bar under YouTube video thumbnails, giving people more information about how worthwhile a video is. The hit-count alone can be very misleading; having the like/dislike info helps skip over the junk and find the good stuff.

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Torrent it easy

Add a torrent search link to each item in the Pogdesign TV calendar.

When looking at the PogDesign TV calendar (www.pogdesign.com.uk/cat) It adds a link next to each show that opens a new tab with a torrent search on KickAssTorrents (kat.ph)

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App Tab Cleanup Geen herstart

Automatically makes Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and now Google+ an app tab so you don't have to do it manually.

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Steam History

View price history of any Steam games.

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