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FireAlert for Jira Vereist herstart

- FireAlert for Jira - and you have always an overview about your jira instances and your projects. FireAlert is a notification extension for jira. You see all your jira search results in the toolbar.

* Jira is a trademark by Atlassian Pty Ltd

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Ozeki VoIP Click to Call Vereist herstart

Ozeki VoIP Click to Call extension highlights telephone numbers on websites. You only need to click on the highlighted phone number on any web page to make call through your Ozeki Phone System XE.

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Marketplace App Reviewer Cert installer

Installs App Reviewer certificates for production and dev Firefox Marketplace so signed packaged apps can be installed from the reviewer tools on Android. ** If you're NOT an app reviewer on Firefox Marketplace then you don't need this app.**

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Big Nate Comic Interactive Theme

This is the ONLY OFFICIAL browser theme for your favorite comic! Get your daily fix of Big Nate in your browser theme. Enjoy the fun and superb artistry in this highly acclaimed comic strip.

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Bret Michaels Interactive Theme

The official theme of Bret Heads and the Road Dog Nation. It's FREE, so grab it now!

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Machine Gun Kelly Interactive Theme

The only browser theme with the MGK Stamp of Approval. Grab it now if you want:

The official Lace Up theme
Tweets from Machine Gun Kelly while on tour
Connections to MGK and other fans

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Wake Forest University Interactive Theme

For serious Demon Deacon fans only. You'll enjoy:
- A stunning WF theme
- Quick links to Facebook and Twitter pages
- Easy access to the best of wakeforestsports.com
- A multimedia sidebar for the latest action

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ALAJURRY Toolbar Vereist herstart

ALAJURRY Toolbar: Module des sites web des musulmans

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Translate the selected keywords and statements with the Apertium translate engine

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A text converter (not translator) from an Indian language to English and vice versa. Also supports Katapayadi sankhya system.

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Sunrise Chinese Translator Vereist herstart

Translating from any languages supported by translate.google.com to Chinese.

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GoogBar Vereist herstart

GoogBar is a tool for Googling. It just make searching easier.

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adrake.org Root Certificate Importer

Adds the adrake.org root CA to the Firefox trusted root certificate store

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Feedly Helper for Tab Badge

Adds an "unread items" count to the page title when you're viewing Feedly.

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Restartless Addon with EULA

Restartless Addon with EULA to be used in tests

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Yet Another RSVP Reader

Read selected text using RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation).

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Skipity +Best Youtube Video Downloader +Screenshot Vereist herstart

De Skipity knop geneest verveling met elke klik. Download video's van Youtube of een andere buis website. Verbazingwekkende screenshot functionaliteit. Rood Facebook Melding op de knop Browser.

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Sideplayer Vereist herstart

Play audio files and video files in a local machine on sidebar.

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WIDHURA Dictionary SelectX Vereist herstart

WIDHURA Dictionary is a digital dictionary tool for Windows NT platform. this add-on can send selected text in Firefox web browser.

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Xavier University Interactive Theme

This is the only official browser theme sanctioned by CBS Sports! Built especially for fans of Xavier University, you'll enjoy a stunning theme, quick links to Facebook and Twitter pages and up to date Musketeers news and information

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