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DiscountDroid by ClipperHappy.com

DiscountDroid Is An On Demand coupons Toolbar Brought To You By ClipperHappy.com. For All The Savings You Can Afford, Download DiscountDroid.

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Ceviz portal makale ekleme linkine ynlendirir.

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Mysites - the best speed dial and start page Geen herstart

Enjoy a start page that’s personalized and stylish. See your top 12 sites on start up and access your favorite bookmarks and widgets in a click.

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This addon is for my personal blog. It will add some user-friendly content.

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FXChromeMods Geen herstart

Modifications to the FXChrome theme.

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Taobao quick search

在浏览器右键菜单中添加淘宝搜索,方便用户查找宝贝, 直接调用s.taobao.com的搜索接口, 不执行多余动作.
这个扩展和浏览器内置的搜索引擎不存在任何关系, 可以独立使用

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Website SEO Analysis

Website SEO Analysis provides in-depth SEO information about a website relative to over 20 criteria.

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Ruminade Toolbar

Ruminade ist ein Social Media Portal, in dem du deine Lieblingslinks posten kannst und die Lieblingslinks anderer User finden kannst. Mit der offiziellen Ruminade Toolbar kannst du jederzeit beim Surfen Links ruminaden.

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MPF-aptus Toolbar

Barra de busca do Sistema Aptus do Ministério Público Federal

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Sök på Bokia

Högerklicka på ett ord eller markering -> Sök på Bokia

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Share a mi temps

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Verktøy for å finne rabatter på remember reward

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Password Age Visualizer Geen herstart

You know you should be changing your passwords regularly! With this add-on, you can quickly see how long you've been using your passwords and which ones are due for a change.

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Pogoda Siedlce ;)

Umożliwia wyświetlenie aktualnej temperatury dla miasta Siedlce.

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Busca Wikipedia PT Geen herstart

Complemento para pesquisar no Wikipédia PT.
Basta selecionar a(s) palavra(s) que deseja pesquisar e com o botão direito, clicar para Pesquisar na Wikipédia.

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bilibili-blacklist Geen herstart


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Clan MacLanborough Pipes & Drums Firefox Toolbar

Clan MacLanborough Pipes and Drums Firefox Toolbar

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Touch Enabler Geen herstart

Enable Touch Events simulation on Firefox Desktop (requires restart).

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Keepbag Bookmarks

Keepbag Bookmarks is a bookmark navigator designed for the bulk surfer. The idea is spend less time finding and more time thinking. In a pile of tabs, it aims to be fast and intuitive in getting to web pages you want.

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InterSpy.Net WebSite Information

Displays an icon on Firefox's status bar, in right-click drop down menu and also on Customize Toolbar; On click it will load a report page for the currently visible website. Powered by http://interspy.net

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