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Yahoo! Cricket Vereist herstart

A Yahoo! Cricket Mozilla Firefox extension for live scores, match updates, news, photos, videos and more.

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Share & Free Download 4shared files and Youtube Vereist herstart

Share & Free Download 4shared files and Youtube Videos

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TWBooster Vereist herstart

TWBooster is an easy to use BOT that helps you stay on top in your TW game.

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Wiki It Vereist herstart

This addon will search for the selected text in wikipedia

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eBuyer Tidy Vereist herstart

Tidies up eBuyer.com PC components web store, allows more products per page

Makes eBuyer easier to navigate and shop.

Removes large banner
Shows Add to Cart buttons directly on list pages
Shows 100 products per page

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SFR Anti-Spam Vereist herstart

Filtrez les appels et SMS indésirables ! Profitez d’une application gratuite et accessible quel que soit votre opérateur.

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Copy Selected

Press ctrl/cmd-enter on a selected location bar result to copy and paste it into the page.

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Split Test Calculator Vereist herstart

Calculates if there is a statistically relevant difference between visitors and goals (helps with A/B tests in Google Adwords). Copy four numbers from a table or Excel via Ctrl+C into the clipboard and klick the button in the status bar.

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ERForumPlus Vereist herstart

Расширение для изменения дизайна и дополнения базового функционала форума браузерной MMORPG "Грани Реальности" - http://www.ereality.ru/

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CX CallBook Vereist herstart

Guía de radioaficionados uruguayos

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ProjectGames Letzte Forenposts Vereist herstart

Mit dieser Erweiterung kann man bequem die letzten Forenposts des Forums von Projectgames überblicken um dann direkt ins Forum zu springen.

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panther front-end

Front-end to access the PantherSoft web site.

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Šillený facebook Vereist herstart

Firefox rozšírenie pre zošillovanie vášho facebooku inšpirované novou limitovanou edíciou kreditnej karty, ktorú namaľoval Erik Sille. Na výber máte tri šillené farby (ružovú, fialovú, tyrkysovú).

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BOINC Stats 2 Vereist herstart

Displays your Total and Recent Average Credits for BOINC distributed computing projects in the status bar.

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Vietnamese TTS Vereist herstart

Vietnamese text to speech
Chuyển văn bản thành tiếng nói.
Sau khi cài đặt bạn có thểm bấm menu "Đọc văn bản" trong trình đơn right-click để nghe đoạn văn bản được chọn.

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Ultimoprezzo Vereist herstart

Cerca prezzi e offerte con ultimoprezzo.com

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CompareRaja- Get price comparison automatically Vereist herstart

CompareRaja add-on is price saving tool that lets you save money while you shop online. It automatically fetches the lowest price available for the product you are looking for & the available discount code and gives auto notification in your browser!

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BypassAdfly Vereist herstart

Bypass http://adf.ly/ Ads Page. And Redirect Original Website Automatically

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Slušajte sve domaće radio stanice na jednom mjestu. Radio stanice uživo iz: Srbija, Bosna i Hercegovina, Hrvatska, Crna Gora, Slovenija, Makedonije i Dijaspora te mnogobrojne internet radio stanice. Sve radio stanice na jednom mjestu.

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Handy Maps Vereist herstart

You can find any address anywhere in the world.

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