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Sharingpet Buy & Give Vereist herstart

Sharingpet Buy & Give, make your online purchases count.
Every purchase you make will give money back to the organization of your choice. You can track your donations and see how much you've fundraised.

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RSE Tools Vereist herstart

Tools for working with rapidshare and links from other popular file hosting and sharing services.
Features: get rapidshare links from a page, test selected rapidshare links, search rapidshare files for selected terms, etc.

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For SentryDNS Subscribers.

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Show History Popup

При нажатии средней кнопки или прокрутке колесика мышки показывает всплывающее окно истории в строке адреса и поиска.

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Anatomicus - Anatomy Guide Vereist herstart

Exploration of human body with visual effects is so easy now. You can find anatomy atlases and descriptions on this medical library.

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bilibili Helper Vereist herstart

bilibili Helper.
1. A shortcut function to redirect video in the bilibili.tv to its original submitter.
2. share the video in the bilibili to other site more easily.

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Easy Notes

One Extension to manage Notes, Reminders, Todos , Favorite pages and Website-specific-search.

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FurAffinity Filter

Filters submissions and journals on FurAffinity based on keywords, and filters annoying users too.

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Metrifies a Homepage replacing all imperial units with metric ones (currently only Fahrenheit) by clicking on the M-Icon in the bottom toolbar. Strings can be added to the Fahrenheit regex with a rightclick.

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Take A Break Vereist herstart

Remind you to take a break when surfing the web. Keep yourself healthy.

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Password Reuse Visualizer

Ever been told not to reuse the same password across different websites? With this add-on, you can quickly see which passwords you're using the most and where you're using them.

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Visual Hashing

Changes the background of password entry fields to a four-color visual hash. Use this add-on and, over time, you'll remember your visual hash and stop mistyping your passwords!

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Broken Image Finder

The scope of the Broken Image Finder Add-on is to detect unavailable images by scanning the currently visited website and its embedded stylesheets.

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Taxist07 (2)

addon for atlant

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We Love Deals! Vereist herstart

Get instant updates on the best deals Amazon has to offer brought to you by WeLoveDeals.net

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ZoomR Extension Vereist herstart

ZoomR Extension for Firefox browser will help users to find the torrent link in website. It helps users to add torrent link in ZoomR app which is product of NETGEAR Genie marketplace.

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Cota Proxy Segplan Vereist herstart

Essa extensão auxilia o servidor público da Segplan-GO a controlar o tempo restante de uso da internet utilizando as cotas.

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Try to keep websites from stealing the slash key so that it always triggers the quick search bar.

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iNote for Firefox Vereist herstart

iNote 微收藏

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Espace Client Vereist herstart

Accéder au service Espace client en ligne avec Mozilla Firefox.
Cliquez sur le bouton "Ajouter à Firefox" pour utiliser ce service.

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