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Edit Source

The Edit Source extension for Firefox 13 and later uses the built in source editor component to let you edit text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML documents. HTML documents can be refreshed based on your edits, so you can see your changes.

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A Personalized Search Experience!

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Radio Milwaukee Last.fm

Scrobbles tracks to Last.fm from Radio Milwaukee playlist

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plpage Geen herstart

Add the current url in your plpage.net account.

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Link Copier

Collecteur de liens et d'adresses mails

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Bingo Bot

Bingo Bot est un moteur de recherche de fichiers sur les sites de direct download (DDL).

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Mysites - the best speed dial and start page Geen herstart

Enjoy a start page that’s personalized and stylish. See your top 12 sites on start up and access your favorite bookmarks and widgets in a click.

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Sidebar per touch screen. La virtual keyboard e' basata sul lavoro di Jim Massey

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GratisTempel.de Gutscheintoolbar

Nie wieder nerviges Suchen nach gültigen Gutscheinen zum Sparen, das praktische Browser-Addon von GratisTempel.de zeigt immer die passenden Gutscheine an.

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Hatena Notify Geen herstart

はてなの「あなたへのお知らせ」をFirefxo からチェックする拡張機能

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BitTorrent WebUI++

Automatically upload .torrent files to your favorite BitTorrent client's Web Interface.
Supported Clients:
Vuze and Azureus (via AzSMRC, HTML WebUI, Swing WebUI)

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GoDaddy.com Geen herstart

This add-on is a quick link to GoDaddy.com.

Go Daddy offers everything you need to make a name for yourself on the Web, from domain names and website builders to complete eCommerce solutions.

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No Close Other Tabs

Removes "Close other tabs" context menu item.

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Focus URL By Double Click

Focus URL by clicking the Tab twice. It is an easy way to focus on URL bar instead of pressing 'ALT+D' or 'CTRL+L' when Navigation bar is hidden by JS "Autohide Nav bar alternative"

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YouTube video auto-replay!

If you're like me, and you'd rather listen to your favourite songs on YouTube,this extension is for you

Adds YouTube auto-replay functionality to any video. Just browse to any youtube video, and click the extension icon, then get back to work.

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URL in Tab Tooltip

Display tab URL in tab tooltip for inactive tabs.

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The Grim Tab Reaper Geen herstart

When you leave a tab open for a long time without using it, the Grim Tab Reaper will automatically turn it into a bookmark and close it.

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ttfc-google image search modifier

Open images of Google search directly without going through the webpage's preview.

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waferthin Geen herstart

Make buildbot waterfalls thinner

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