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Bookstack Geen herstart

This extension lets you rapidly fill up a bookmark folder and go through its contents one site at a time. Emphasis is on adding and removing with ease.

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Add Boss Key, Minimize/Close to tray and memory auto cleaning to Firefox.

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HowJSay Menu

Contact with author: coldpeer (at) gmail.com

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Check your BSNL DataOne and MTNL Triband bandwidth utilization in Firefox at the click of a button.

A color coded progress bar and bandwidth usage tracking helps you stay within your monthly cap and efficiently utilize your bandwidth.

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Bookmarker - the universal sidebar for social bookmarking networks

Bookmarker - Compare and enjoy the power of social bookmarking, save and manage all your bookmarks online. (Supported services: del.icio.us, digg.com, diigo.com, ma.gnolia.com, google.com, mister-wong.de, netvouz.com, linkarena.com, alltagz.de, bob...

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Next Tab

An add-on that improves the tabbed browsing. Naturally, we want all related tabs grouped together. So when you are a opening a new tab, you might want to open it right next to the current tab. This is a small, light weight extension that does the sam...

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GiftWisdom Social GiftRegistry for the holidays for those expensive gifts. PUT AN END TO RE-GIFTING FROM NOW ON!

We launched this site by connecting popular online features such as social bookmarking add-on, online payments, paypal, and universal wi...

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CinemaOne Movie Player

Plugin to watch movies at cinemaone.se

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Compose and send anonymous messages to your friends directly in Firefox. Share anything online anonymously!

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MercadoLibre Costa Rica Buscador

Busca el texto seleccionado en Mercado Libre Costa Rica. Solo debes seleccionar un texto, clickear con el boton derecho del mouse y escoger "MercadoLibre Costa Rica Buscador". Los resultados seran exhibidos en un nuevo tab del navegador.

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OneClick Installer for Wordpress

OneClick is a companion extension for the OneClick plugin for wordpress. It allows you to install any wordpress theme or plugin from the context menu of firefox.

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Modifies TVGids.nl SMS program notification links to use Google Calendar Events instead.

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You don't have to find the small [1][2][3]... or 'Next' button any more. Go to next page or prev thread smartly by one wheel.

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del.icio.us Lite

bookmark to del.icio.us with a single click

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XQuery USE ME (XqUSEme)

Allows W3C XQuery on XML documents (including HTML) via Saxon-B XQuery engine (including on a currently loaded page), on a one-shot or Grease-monkey-like per-site basis

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WebSitePulse Current Status

The WebSitePulse Current Status extension provides an easy way to keep an eye in real-time on the status of your servers, websites and web applications when you are using the WebSitePulse monitoring service. The extension comes with two components: ...

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APNG Edit allows you to create animated PNG images.

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Box.net Bookmarks Synchronizer

Backup your bookmarks to Box.net

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TYPO3 Workbench

Nützliche Funktionen rund um die Arbeit mit TYPO3. Präsentiert durch VisionConnect.

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Middle Search

Use middle click to search pasted text.

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