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Donation Reminder Vereist herstart

Never miss a donation for your charity or good cause again with the easyfundraising Donation Reminder.

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Custom New Tab

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AUSkey for Firefox

AUSkey will no longer be supported by Firefox in March 2017. To continue using your AUSkey in Firefox you need to download this browser extension.

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Close'n forget Vereist herstart

Very simple add-on that closes the current tab and make Firefox forget about the visit: suppressing cookies related to the current page, cleaning (beware : may be partial) the browser history and so on.

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Time Restart Vereist herstart

Allows you to specify the time to restart browser.

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Logitech SetPoint Vereist herstart

Smooth scrolling for Logitech mice.

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A Simple Addon Just Right Click on any Video and Choose Download Mp3

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Norton Identity Safe

Access your Identity Safe Vault, which remembers your usernames and passwords for single-click access to your favorite sites.

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Popup Blocker Ultimate Vereist herstart

Popup Blocker Ultimate makes it easy to block pop-ups.

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Multi Links Plus Vereist herstart Aanbevolen

Multi Links Plus lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time rather than having to do them all individually.

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ipFood Vereist herstart Aanbevolen

Simulate the use of a series of proxy changing at each new connection.

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Vimeo Downloader

Download vimeo videos with a single click

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YouTube use Flash Player

Force YouTube to use Flash player over the HTML5 player

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Impero Education Pro

Provides content authorisation as part of the Impero Education Pro software product.

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RefControl Vereist herstart

Control what gets sent as the HTTP Referer on a per-site basis.

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Euskalbar Vereist herstart

Basque dictionaries and other tools (corpora, spellcheckers, search engines...). Euskalbar is a Firefox toolbar that helps translating words from Basque to other languages and from other languages to Basque.

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Fasterfox Vereist herstart

The One; The Original Fasterfox Gives performance & network tweaks for Firefox. Fasterfox makes your browsing so much faster!
Make your Sites Faster than a Fox with Fasterfox for FireFox!

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Keep-Session-Alive By Rana

a basic add-on, for keep session alive on IVB Sites

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Random Agent Spoofer

Rotates complete browser profiles ( from real browsers / devices ) at a user defined time interval. It includes many extra privacy enhancing options

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Onlinestarter Vereist herstart

Onlinestarter ermöglicht den Start von Windows-Anwendungen (Smart Clients) über die ClickOnce-Technik von Microsoft direkt aus dem Browser heraus.

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